Full Moon in Virgo

The Full Moon in Virgo on March 10, 2009 clashes with Saturn in Virgo and Uranus in Pisces, prompting a battle between security and change. Throughout the week, this unsettling influence will reignite the stressful Saturn-Uranus opposition that took place in February 2009 and November 2008 (and will occur again in September).

If you’ll remember, last February and November is when the U.S. financial markets tanked to new lows. And of course, February marked the launch of the gargantuan United States stimulus bill. Change was in the air (and still is), along with a widespread escalation of fear about the economy. Fortunately, Uranus, the planet of upheaval, and Saturn, the planet of materialism, have moved apart somewhat, but this month’s Full Moon will draw them together energetically to challenge our comfort zones again.

What’s more, Full Moons are notorious for heightening emotionalism, and this one may be particularly rocky, especially for Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. So try not to overreact to whatever situations you find yourself in, and take some quiet time to get centered if you feel overwhelmed.

A better tomorrow
Most importantly, this is a wake-up call. Change (Uranus) opposing the status quo (Saturn) is a necessary step in freeing ourselves of restrictions and outmoded ways of doing things. You may want to ask yourself how this cosmic “battle” mirrors your own fears about change, and then work through whatever feelings come up for you. It’s all about freedom – and intent. Uranus in Pisces illuminates the spiritual principals of attracting what you focus on. It’s not about denying what you’re feeling, but if you can also visualize (vividly!) a better tomorrow for yourself, your community, your country and the world, it will come to pass, step by step.

By sign
Here’s a glimpse of the Full Moon’s affect on each sign. If you know your ascendant (from your time of birth), read it too. (Additionally, you may want to reread this forecast in September during the Saturn-Uranus opposition.)

Pisces: You’ll be tempted to embark on an extreme personal makeover, but limitations might stand in your way. You’ll need to distinguish between your true path and any fears that hold you back. Perhaps you can make a commitment to yourself to work through issues that keep you from moving forward.

Aries: Your inner rebel wants to free you of restrictions, which can cause disruptions in your everyday life. Whether you overact to a troublesome co-worker, derail a work project or pull a tendon during an aerobics class, the key is to see what needs to change in your life and take some steps to make it happen.

Taurus: A wake-up call is taking place with your hopes and dreams, some of which have to do with love. This Full Moon may set up a roadblock to romance that makes you rethink your ideals. Are you looking at love realistically or just settling for less? It’s a good time to identify and break through creative blocks as well.

Gemini: Your brilliance is emerging in your career, but time spent at work may be taking a toll on your home life. Or perhaps you’re considering a radical change that will affect your family. It’s a balancing act that requires some compromise, which is difficult now. Try to put off making major decisions until you’re more centered.

Cancer: Logic and faith are vying for your attention. You need to envision the best your life could be and have faith that you can make it happen – with a little help from above. Then take action on the practical details required to manifest your goals. Communications can be trying now as well, so choose your words wisely.

Leo: It’s all about sex and money. Shared resources can cause some stress between you and your partner, which in turn affects your sex life (naturally!), which in turn aggravates old emotional wounds. Try not to overact to each other, both in and out of the bedroom. Compromise will be much easier next week.

Virgo: The Full Moon can trigger some issues about freedom and security between you and your partner. You may find yourself bickering if one of you steps outside the bounds of your usual behavior. Try not to overact. If you can allow each other the freedom to grow, you’ll continue to grow together.

Libra: The urge to change your work or other routine activities can make you unusually restless. You may feel restricted by something, and that something is you. You’re coming face-to-face with some self-imposed limitations. It’s time to look at how fear or powerlessness or lack of self-confidence hinders your personal growth.

Scorpio: The urge to change up your love life may prompt some shifts in your relationship. But choose your companions carefully or some weird characters may show up on your doorstep. Your muse needs some stimulation as well, and that means energizing your creativity by removing inner blocks to your self-expression.

Sagittarius: Archers are usually easy going, but nothing and no one seems to please you now. You may feel hindered by circumstances in your career and just plain antsy at home as well. You may even get the urge to move. Mainly this is a wake-up call to reevaluate how you balance responsibility with personal freedom.

Capricorn: This is a test of confidence in your ability to communicate your ideas, or take action on an intriguing idea that comes to you. You may need to take a risk that threatens your reputation or security. Actually, it’s your faith in yourself that’s at risk if you don’t allow yourself the chance to grow creatively and intellectually.

Aquarius: Your values are being tested, which may come through a challenge to your finances or even through a sudden (and perhaps unreliable) moneymaking opportunity. An issue about money or responsibility may arise with your partner as well. Mainly you’ll need to get clear about what’s important to you.

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