Your LOVECAST™: Clouding the Truth

Some friendly Aquarius influences heighten socializing throughout the week, but be wary of Neptune’s tendency to cloud the truth. Venus in Aries turns retrograde on Friday for six weeks, which favors resolving the past but makes it difficult to get a new romance off the ground. Even so, the weekend energizes creativity in the boudoir!

Week of March 2 – 8, 2009

Pisces: Retrograde Venus helps merge your ideals with a realistic view of love over the next six weeks. This week, be sure your words express your true feelings on Monday. Chaos surrounds you on Wednesday. Love is prickly on Thursday, but romance skyrockets on Friday! Hidden longings are revealed this weekend. Let your intuition guide you in love.

Aries: Retrograde Venus in your sign may prompt a former lover to make an appearance (at least in your mind) during the next six weeks. This week, socializing can get in the way of work on Monday. Communications are the key to success mid-week. An enticing home ambiance stirs up passion on Friday. Socializing brings romance this weekend, but work can get in the way of play.

Taurus: Retrograde Venus provides insights about hidden relationship issues during the next six weeks. This week, head and heart collide on Monday. Look for a moneymaking opportunity mid-week. A friend may stress you out on Thursday. Socializing brings a nice surprise on Friday. Creating a sexy ambiance for love makes entertaining a delight this weekend!

Gemini: Over the next six weeks, retrograde Venus prompts you to reminisce about old friends and may bring in someone you haven’t heard from in awhile. This week, your charisma draws admirers mid-week, although your self-esteem may take a hit. Feelings flow on Friday. Words from the heart rev up romance on Saturday, but your confidence may be low on Sunday.

Cancer: Evaluating your role in a close relationship is the focus of retrograde Venus during the next six weeks. This week, flirting brings out your naughty side on Tuesday. A clash of wills is likely on Thursday. Your magnetism inspires a romantic interlude on Friday. You’re all fired up for an adventure this weekend! Talk turns serious on Sunday.

Leo: Seeing the bigger picture of your relationships is the gift of retrograde Venus during the next six weeks. This week, family and romance pull you in different directions on Monday. Socializing is fun on Tuesday. Your intuition guides you in love on Thursday and Friday. An imaginative tryst makes passion sizzle this weekend, if you’re clear about your intentions.

Virgo: Retrograde Venus helps heal old emotional wounds to increase intimacy during the next six weeks. This week, a coworker may annoy you on Monday. Promote your projects on Tuesday. Wednesday is chaotic. Socializing is challenging on Thursday but fun on Friday. Logic flies out the window this weekend, so use your instinctual side to fire up passion!

Libra: During the next six weeks, retrograde Venus will help resolve some partnership issues, perhaps about commitment. This week, your sensual side comes out to play on Monday. Your wisdom draws admirers mid-week. A clash with your boss or family is likely on Thursday. Your artistry in the bedroom (candles, music, costumes) ignites passion this weekend!

Scorpio: Conflicts over the sharing of responsibilities in your relationship is the focus of retrograde Venus during the next six weeks. This week, love is confusing on Monday. Words make passion escalate mid-week. Willfulness can unhinge romance on Thursday. Love is sweet on Friday. This weekend is lusty, if you don’t let mixed messages derail romance.

Sagittarius: If something is unresolved with a past relationship, retrograde Venus may give you an opportunity for completion during the next six weeks. This week, you’re especially creative in flirting on Monday. A partnership challenge arises mid-week. Intimacy escalates on Friday. Your fun-loving side sparks a romantic rendezvous that may involve a trip or class this weekend.

Capricorn: Any family issues that impede romance may need to be resolved during retrograde Venus over the next six weeks. This week, romance soars on Monday, but a misunderstanding may arise. A clash of wills with your partner is likely on Thursday, but making up is fun on Friday! Passion runs deep this weekend, if you open your heart and be realistic.

Aquarius: How you communicate in your relationship gets an overhaul during retrograde Venus over the next six weeks. This week, love needs patience on Monday. Passion kicks into high gear on Tuesday, but love is unpredictable on Wednesday. Expressing your appreciation revs up romance on Friday. Your mystique is irresistible this weekend, but unrealistic expectations can unhinge love.

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