DreamCast: Over the Bridge and Into the Water

I had three dreams all showing me in a car going over bridges with my ex-boyfriend, the father of my children. In every dream we ended up going over the bridge or ended up in the water. Every time it’s a different bridge or a different way of going over the bridge. But it’s always scary and vivid. I do not normally remember my dreams. What could they mean?


From Kym in Canada

Hello Kym,

You’re attempting to work through some issues with your ex-boyfriend. Bridges symbolize progress in getting from one emotional state to another, or from one state of consciousness to another. Water symbolizes emotions, so you and your ex are making some progress in relating better to each other. The different ways of going over the bridges symbolize your willingness to try new ways of resolving relationship problems. Of course, there are times when you land in the water by reverting to negative ways of dealing with each other. But at least you’re moving in the right direction by trying to improve your relationship, at least for the sake of your children.

Sweet dreams,

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