Your LOVECAST™: Fantasy, Compassion and Spiritual Connections

Tuesday’s New Moon in Pisces focuses on fantasy, compassion and spiritual connections, but reality reclaims romance the following day. Love is fun and fiery on Friday. Then earthiness heats up lust this weekend.

Week of February 23 – March 1, 2009

Pisces: The New Moon in your sign heralds a new personal cycle, so get clear about what you want, listen to your intuition and keep your eyes open for opportunities. You may feel hindered by someone on Wednesday. Expressing your feelings can bring the desired outcome on Friday. Your wit and insights inspire romance this weekend!

Aries: The New Moon brings insights about past relationships this week, so take some quiet time to reflect on what you’ve learned and where you need to go from here. Feelings are tumultuous on Thursday. You’re lucky in love on Friday, so open your heart. Saturday afternoon is hot, then love turns soulful during the rest of the weekend.

Taurus: Socializing gets energized by this week’s New Moon, which brings romance and other opportunities through group activities. A friend may bring trouble on Wednesday. You’re angst-ridden on Thursday. Passion is hot on Friday, so be daring! Break out the massage oil and sexy attire to heighten lust this weekend.

Gemini: This week’s New Moon can bring romance through career projects. Consider expanding your career goals, too. Your confidence or energy may be low on Wednesday. Negative people can be troublesome on Thursday. A friend or group activity brings a romantic interlude on Friday. A leisurely tryst revs up passion this weekend, so take your time!

Cancer: The New Moon illuminates your future, so heed your intuition this week. It can also bring a romantic interlude through a class or spiritual activity. Communications or travel are troublesome on Wednesday. Stress accelerates on Thursday. Love needs a show of courage on Friday. You’re the center of attention this weekend, when a party may bring a romantic prospect.

Leo: Use your creativity to deepen intimate encounters during this week’s New Moon. It’s also time to evaluate – and perhaps pay down – your debt. The desire for a soulful relationship accelerates on Monday. A clash of wills can derail romance on Thursday. Love may come from afar on Friday. A heated discussion turns into a lusty romp this weekend!

Virgo: This week’s New Moon brings a new partnership cycle, so get clear about what you need from a mate. If you’re already paired, focus on improving your relationship (and have some fun, too!). A relationship challenge arises on Wednesday or Thursday. A sexy romp brings delight on Friday! A natural setting or outdoor activity heightens passion this weekend.

Libra: Activities that focus on helping others can bring a romantic interlude during this week’s New Moon. It may be time to revamp your diet and exercise routine, too. Your style and creativity draw admirers on Monday. Your partner may be argumentative on Thursday, but making up brings delight on Friday! A straightforward show of passion deepens intimacy this weekend.

Scorpio: Romance skyrockets during the New Moon this week. You’re especially intuitive about your sweetie’s needs and desires, which should inspire some heartfelt romance! A homey encounter is dreamy on Monday. Secretiveness or jealousy can unhinge love on Thursday. Love and lust merge delightfully on Friday. Enticing (erotic?) words enflame passion this weekend.

Sagittarius: This week, the New Moon gives you the urge to create a beautiful ambiance that’s perfect for entertaining. Use feng shui to create a nice flow of energy throughout your home. Your eloquence and imagination bewitch your admirers on Monday. Feelings are abrasive on Thursday. Romance is sweet on Friday. Your earthy side inspires a lusty interlude this weekend.

Capricorn: Flirting is especially imaginative because of the New Moon, which energizes heartfelt, witty and naughty exchanges. Promoting your projects can pay off as well. Feelings are hard to express on Wednesday. A family member may be troublesome on Thursday. Entertaining at your abode inspires love on Friday. A play or comedic performance revs up romance this weekend.

Aquarius: A gesture of appreciation can rev up romance during this week’s New Moon. A moneymaking opportunity may come your way as well. Your mystique entices (or confuses) others on Monday. Avoid emotional spending on Wednesday. Rash words can derail romance on Thursday, but flirting inspires love on Friday. Dinner by candlelight at home enflames passion this weekend.

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