New Moon in Pisces

February 24, 2009 brings us the day of the New Moon, often referred to as the Dark Moon. This astronomical event marks the day when the Moon’s orbit around the Earth places her directly between us and the Sun. Often considered a time of mystery, the shadowed Moon may not be visible, but out of sight doesn’t mean out of mind. From the darkness of the night sky, the Lunar influences are not weakened, but empowered, as she works her will from behind the velvet curtain of secrecy.

Compassion rules
When the moon is new in Pisces, even the most deeply hidden emotions are likely to surface. The Pisces influence, gentle and dreamy, can be harnessed to soften personal behaviors, encourage revelations and cushion any blows. The Lunar-Pisces energy is an emotional mix, overflowing with kindness and compassion, tinting our views with a softer and more romantic vision.

The Dark Moon
Pisces knows the path to unconditional love, and the moon guides us all. The blending of these two energies is an opportunity to walk down the road of acceptance – relinquishing hatred and the limitations of ego. The darker side of a Pisces New Moon may seem like an invitation to hide what we know through the masks of depression, overindulgence or addiction, but this energy can only flow as fast or as far as you choose to take it. If you feel pulled toward these avenues of escape, recognize this time as a challenge that you can ultimately overcome by choosing to forgive and love yourself.

Personal journey
For most of us, change can be hard to embrace. However, with the New Moon in Pisces, our minds are likely to dream of being in better times, or envision ourselves in a better place. Trust your intuitions, and don’t be afraid to reach for the stars. Under the guidance of the Pisces New Moon, the seeds of change that are planted with faith and commitment are likely to blossom if they are tended to gently.

By sign…

Pisces: Your intuition is running so crystal-clear you may feel a bit supernatural. You will find new ways to inspire others, and learn to be kinder to yourself. Understanding that life isn’t perfect lifts a burden from your shoulders, because with that knowledge your life becomes more aligned with your perceptions of what is ideal.

Aries: Recognizing that control is nothing more than an illusion may be a shock to your system, but the time has come for you to learn how to loosen up – at least a little. Confidence may shape your goals, but over-confidence is often the villain that stands in your way.

Taurus: The Pisces New Moon will favor you, and many fresh ideas will fill your mind. Peace will find its way into your core, when you recognize there is pleasure peppering your daily routines.

Gemini: Your popularity is probably going to soar, because you communicate with compassion rather than perception. The softer side of you may help further your career, or encourage you to put the glory aside to create more success by doing something you love.

Cancer: Your philosophical side shines brightly now, as you tune into your own spiritual path. If your desires involve education or travel, the goal is only as far away as your decision to walk down the path.

Leo: Pay attention to the details, and you might find that your expectations in relationships may be set a little high. This realization could be just what you need to create positive outcomes without wasting your time and energy with drama.

Virgo: Your intuition will be riding high, drawing to you the people you wish to meet. Express the things you’ve been bottling up inside and your relationships will sizzle with fresh passion and heat.

Libra: Recognizing that waiting for ideal situations often holds you back, you are likely to stop waiting and start doing. By putting your faith in yourself and your abilities, you are finally giving yourself permission to follow your dreams.

Scorpio: Those who know you may look at you like you’ve sprouted another head, because you are likely to subconsciously drop your guard. Once the shock wears off you will find that a little openness doesn’t derail your plans, it only gives you a larger audience and more avenues to achievement.

Sagittarius: Spirit pulls at your core, increasing your faith and bonding you closer to those you love. Recognizing that it isn’t always what you say, but how you say it, brings you admiration and lays the groundwork for the next level of your personal evolution.

Capricorn: As you reassess your financial goals, you may discover a higher path. Trust your intuition and relinquish self-doubt, and things will flow easier to you now.

Aquarius: Your idealistic views and passion to help others may merge into a golden opportunity. Your understanding of how helping others helps yourself runs deeper now, and just may illuminate the first steps of how to turn your dreams into reality.

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