Your LOVECAST™: Romantic Fantasies

Monday’s Full Moon heightens romantic fantasies throughout this Valentine’s Day week. Enjoy the dreaminess but keep it genuine. Passion is hot but complicated on cupid’s big day out (Saturday) – and even steamier on Sunday!

Week of February 9 – 15, 2009

Aquarius: Plan something fun with your sweetie during the Full Moon – or be open to attracting someone fabulous. Love is earthy on Tuesday. Detachment may block passion on Wednesday. Romance can be found during a spiritual gathering on Thursday or Friday. Combativeness may derail love on Saturday. You’re mischievous on Sunday!

Pisces: Your allure skyrockets during the Full Moon! Just be clear about what you want to avoid sending mixed messages. A rendezvous inspires romance on Tuesday. Your partner may be combative on Wednesday. Express what’s in your heart on Thursday or Friday. Hidden desires emerge on Saturday. Spontaneity heats up passion on Sunday.

Aries: The Full Moon energizes your inventiveness in the romance arena, so be creative with your sweetie and have some fun! A disruption at work may throw you off balance mid-week. A twosome night out makes love bloom on Thursday or Friday. Love gets lusty this weekend, but an argument may upset romance on Saturday.

Taurus: Your artistry for entertaining gets a boost from the Full Moon, so throw a party – or host an enticing event for two. Romance is unpredictable mid-week, but clear communications will get things back on track. Your style draws admirers on Thursday and Friday. Socializing with friends brings a romantic interlude this weekend!

Gemini: Flirting kicks into high gear during the Full Moon, when your gift for words can make romance soar. A cozy tryst at your abode revs up romance on Tuesday. Feelings are chaotic on Wednesday. Use your artistry to inspire romance on Thursday and Friday. Instincts override logic to heighten (and complicate!) passion this weekend.

Cancer: Showing your appreciation through a heartfelt gesture can deepen (or attract) romance during the Full Moon. Your sense of humor gets you noticed on Tuesday or Wednesday. Entertaining for two at your home makes love bloom on Thursday or Friday. Your sensuality heightens intimacy this weekend – if you can avoid moodiness.

Leo: Your powers of attraction soar during Monday’s Full Moon in your sign, which makes you especially creative in the boudoir! Expressing your appreciation makes romance bloom on Tuesday and Wednesday. Words from the heart inspire love on Thursday and Friday. Saturday is touchy, but throwing a party on Sunday can bring delight.

Virgo: Love blooms in a peaceful (but sexy!) ambiance during the Full Moon, when your daring side comes out to play. Your magnetism soars on Tuesday. You’re feeling rebellious on Wednesday, so do something unusual. An artsy activity can inspire romance on Thursday and Friday. Lust collides with objectivity on Saturday. Flirtatiousness turns hot on Sunday!

Libra: Socializing with friends and networking with colleagues can offer opportunities for fun and profit during the Full Moon. A cozy encounter enhances love on Tuesday. Hidden desires come out to play on Wednesday. Your powers of attraction skyrocket on Thursday and Friday. Saturday may feel abrasive. Your lusty side takes over on Sunday!

Scorpio: Passion escalates but may get complicated during the Full Moon – seek to clarify mixed messages. A friend can be instrumental in bringing romance to your doorstep on Tuesday or Wednesday. Create a serene ambiance to rev up romance on Thursday or Friday. Your mystique makes you irresistible this weekend, if you avoid a clash of wills.

Sagittarius: An exotic locale or trip for two will accelerate romance during the Full Moon. Pay attention to your intuition too. Analyzing your relationship will bring some startling insights on Tuesday and Wednesday. You’re the center of attention while socializing on Thursday and Friday. A sexy retreat for two makes passion escalate this weekend!

Capricorn: Intimacy heats up during the Full Moon, when expressing your deepest desires can heighten passion. Sharing your knowledge and spiritual views inspires romance on Tuesday and Wednesday. Working on a project together can deepen love on Thursday and Friday. Romance can be found (or enhanced) through a friendly gathering this weekend.

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