DreamCast: Getting Kidnapped

I dreamt that I had been kidnapped by a man and like Patty Hearst I decided to go along with it to be safe. I went along with it and he and his family around me started thinking that maybe I was okay with this… but that really didn’t make me feel better. I started looking very subtly for ways out and I couldn’t find them. As time went on in my dream, I felt more and more as if things were getting more complicated and that I wasn’t safe and I had this awful feeling (which I have never felt before) of being enslaved. Then some guy was flicking cigarette ash towards me and I went for help from the kidnapper and he wouldn’t help me. I realized it was a dream and I woke myself up.

Dee in Santa Monica

Hi Dee,

I suspect the kidnapper may be your “masculine” side, the part of you that’s intellectual and goal-oriented. Do you feel compelled lately to do something more with your life? It sounds like you’re putting pressure on yourself, which part of you thinks it is a good thing (going along with the kidnapper), but which you have reservations about. You’re trying to force your feminine side, which is passive and feeling-oriented, to go along with your intellect – or perhaps go along with society’s homage to accomplishment (and disregard for “just being”).

Does that ring any bells?

Sweet Dreams!

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