Your LOVECAST™: A Damper on Passion

Drama surrounds romance at the beginning of the week, although Monday’s Mars-Saturn clash can put a damper on passion. Staying centered may be difficult on Thursday, when several jarring aspects can rattle your equilibrium. Fortunately, socializing brings delight this weekend, just in time for holiday parties – enjoy!


Week of December 15 – 21, 2008

Sagittarius: You’re feeling argumentative on Monday, when a conflict with someone at work is likely. Passion prompts a lusty encounter on Tuesday, when your charisma is hard to resist! Your expertise brings you kudos on Wednesday, but disruptions at work abound on Thursday. Romance may come through a community endeavor over the weekend.


Capricorn: You may feel defensive and uncompromising on Monday. Intimacy heats up on Tuesday! What you say can enhance your reputation on Wednesday. You’re feeling antsy for a change on Thursday, but try not to go to extremes. Your artistry can inspire love on Friday. Socializing with colleagues this weekend may bring a romantic interlude.


Aquarius: Your desires may clash with those of your partner on Monday. Friends bring adventure and perhaps an opportunity on Tuesday. Do some goal-setting on Wednesday. You’re feeling contrary and rebellious on Thursday. An admirer from afar may contact you on Friday. Your originality makes you the center of attention this weekend!


Pisces: Others can pull you off center on Monday, so strive to stay on track with your goals. Your daring side comes out to play on Tuesday! Your need for change clashes with your desire for security on Thursday. Don’t be pushed into a rash decision. Socializing during an artsy gathering this weekend can bring romance.

Aries: Your creativity can make romance bloom on Monday. Frustration may arise over work tasks or other responsibilities that take up your time on Tuesday. A weird coworker or snag in a project can derail your activities on Thursday. It’s all about twosomes this weekend, so make a fun date with your sweetie!


Taurus: Intimacy may feel blocked on Monday. A cozy tryst at your abode can heighten romance on Tuesday. Entertaining friends can bring delight, too. A heart-to-heart talk with your sweetie is favored on Wednesday, but interactions in the romance arena are abrasive on Thursday. Intimacy is sweet this weekend – use your artistry to make love bloom.


Gemini: A contretemps with your partner is likely on Monday, but honesty and a show of appreciation can get love back on track by Tuesday. Home decisions are favored on Wednesday. A family member or your boss can frustrate you on Thursday. You’re a magnet for romance Friday through Sunday, so think in terms of two!


Cancer: Hasty words can turn into a full-blown argument on Monday. Passion soars on Tuesday, when a flirtation at work may take you by surprise! Promote your ideas and projects on Wednesday. Irritations or a misunderstanding can unhinge you on Thursday. Creating an enticing ambiance for entertaining shows off your style this weekend.


Leo: Money issues can upset your relationship on Monday. You’re all fired up for a passionate adventure on Tuesday! A moneymaking idea comes to you on Wednesday. A spending spree (for your lover?) can derail your finances on Thursday. Romance can be found online or through a networking group on Saturday or Sunday.


Virgo: Your confidence or energy may be low on Monday, so take some time to recharge. Entertaining your loved one or a group of friends energizes you on Tuesday. Your words have power on Wednesday. You’re easily upset on Thursday, so avoid negative people. Fine dining and socializing with friends heightens romance over the weekend.


Libra: Hidden feelings (anger?) can erupt on Monday, so do some soul-searching if something’s bugging you. Flirting accelerates passion on Tuesday. Family communications are favored on Wednesday. A past issue may arise to be resolved on Thursday. Romance soars on Friday. Your mystique puts an admirer under your spell during the weekend, so get ready to play!


Scorpio: A misunderstanding with someone close to you is likely on Monday. You’re all fired up on Tuesday. A moneymaking opportunity may land in your lap as well. Flirting revs up romance on Wednesday, but communications are abrasive on Thursday. Be careful while traveling, too. Create a stylish retreat this weekend to enhance a sexy rendezvous!


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