DreamCast: Buried Ex-Wives

I dreamt that I was in a large group of people and we were all walking down a street, from house to house, house-hunting. We went into each one to check out to see if we wanted to buy. Each house that I was in didn’t feel “right.” Then we went into another house and I felt very uncomfortable. We were standing in the living room and there were no carpets or hardwood, just a dirty, uneven, linoleum-type floor.

The walls were a faded, aged yellow with paintings of the previous family’s portraits and other private details, with the paint peeling and unkept. We stepped over to another area in the corner and a wave of fear came over me as I felt a presence nearby. I then opened the back door and decided to go into the yard. I was alone at this point, away from my group.

I walked down a ramp to find a huge yard. At the bottom of the ramp was a cemetery where the previous owner buried his ex-wives. There were about six plots and the man was sitting on a chair on his own plot. He was alive but was dying of AIDS. He was dressed like a king and was very old and decrepit. I was scared and wanted to quickly head back to the house. On my way up, there was a little girl and other people around. I picked up the little girl and carried her to the house with me. She was so cute and happy, laughing and having fun as I carried her. I was now back with my group and as we were about to head back into the house, a spirit walked by. There was a gasp from someone in my group as the spirit passed us. She was a smiling blonde woman, walking by very slowly. She was not an apparition, but in plain sight. I saw her earlier, but assumed she was just someone from my group. I woke up immediately after with my heart pounding.


Janis in Los Angeles

Hello Janis,

Examining all things outmoded and dying seems to be the focus of your dream. You’re certainly searching for the right home (way of life). This prompts me to ask if you’re struggling with some childhood issues or attitudes – family patterns – that are holding you back from moving forward. It’s most likely affecting the choices you make in relationships, as symbolized by the ex-wives. The kingly old man might represent something that was glorious in its day but is now passing away. The child you picked up represents the joyful part of you that’s finding a new way of being in the world. But perhaps you need to avoid the decrepit house (the past) and forge a new path with her. Best of luck in your quest!

Sweet dreams,

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