Your LOVECAST™: Try to be Flexible

A wicked hook-up involving Saturn, Uranus and Venus can derail love this week – so try and be flexible. Is your relationship stuck in a rut? If so, a change may be headed your way. Remember, it’s all for the better.

Week of November 3 – 9, 2008

Scorpio: Activities with groups may prove challenging this week. Also, a friend may need your assistance, but be careful about lending money. Throwing a party shows off your style mid-week, but watch out for a mix-up involving your home. Passion is electrified on Friday! Friends may get in the way of romance on Saturday. The outdoors inspires lust on Sunday.

Sagittarius: A career challenge may pull you off center this week. Focus on one thing at a time to avoid scattering your energy. Flirting shows off your cleverness mid-week, but don’t promise more than you can deliver. Throwing a party brings a (romantic?) surprise on Friday. Family tension can create chaos on Saturday. Romance beckons on Sunday!

Capricorn: Circumstances this week may prompt you to question some beliefs you have about love and spirituality. Also, impulsive words can upset someone close to you, so speak wisely. Surprise your partner with a sexy tryst mid-week. Flirting revs up romance on Friday, but an argument can derail love on Saturday. A homey tryst turns lusty on Sunday!

Aquarius: You may need a new list of priorities as your values and goals get reevaluated this week. Also, a conflict between intimacy and independence can derail love temporarily. Reveal your unique wit and sense of style to attract romance mid-week. Your braininess draws others to you on Friday. You’re feeling contrary on Saturday and flirtatious on Sunday!

Pisces: Partnership issues are in your face this week, when some shifts take place in how you relate to your partner. Sharing power may be the key to harmony. Friends assist you mid-week, but watch out for a misunderstanding. An unexpected message can bring a romantic interlude on Friday. Duty vies with freedom on Saturday. Speak up to inspire love on Sunday!

Aries: A troublesome (flirtatious?) coworker may create a problem for you this week, so avoid complicated work relationships. Naughty talk heightens passion after Tuesday. Friends and group activities can bring fun and opportunities on Wednesday and Thursday. The past may be holding you back on Saturday. You’re on fire on Sunday!

Taurus: Romance is chaotic this week, when a clash of wills may arise over money, values or how you and your partner envision the future of your relationship. Be clear about your goals in love. Mixed messages can upset romance on Wednesday. Love needs objectivity on Thursday. Friendship and romance clash on Saturday. Reveal your daring side on Sunday!

Gemini: You and your partner (and perhaps a family member as well) will be easily stressed out this week. Overreactions are likely, so try to stay centered. Romance is energized on Tuesday and complicated on Wednesday. A foreign ambiance revs up romance on Thursday. A conflict over relationship roles may arise on Saturday. Friends motivate you on Sunday!

Cancer: Expressing what’s on your mind and in your heart may be a struggle this week. Getting in touch with your feelings before you speak can prompt a communication breakthrough. Logic collides with feelings on Tuesday and Wednesday. Intimacy may take you by surprise on Thursday! Friday is the best day for romance. Love is unpredictable on Saturday and passionate on Sunday.

Leo: The comfort of predictability clashes with the need for a shift in your relationship this week, when romance can feel both chaotic and stuck in a rut. Sharing your relationship aspirations will help clear the air. A miscommunication is likely around Wednesday. Your priorities clash with love on Saturday. Lust soars in an exotic ambiance on Sunday!

Virgo: Transformative influences prompt you to eliminate outmoded attitudes and ways of doing things this week. Is the need for safety and security holding you back from taking a risk on love? A breakthrough via an unusual source can occur mid-week. Talk revs up romance on Friday. Your partner may become unhinged on Saturday. Sunday night is sexy!

Libra: An emotional issue you may not be aware of is illuminated this week. Take some quiet time from the chaos to get in touch with your inner world. Your mystique attracts romance mid-week, but you’ll need to be clear about your intentions. Look for a moneymaking opportunity on Friday. Your helpfulness may complicate love on Saturday. A date turns hot on Sunday!

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