Your LOVECAST™: Beware of a Bumpy Ride

The Harvest Full Moon accelerates feelings, while Neptune entices romance throughout the week. Just beware of the bumpy ride on Saturday. Sunday, however, is all about flirting! It certainly won’t be a dull week in love.


Week of September 15 – 21, 2008

Virgo: Your magnetism skyrockets during Monday’s Full Moon, but a family issue may throw you off balance. Your timing may be off for intimacy on Tuesday, but your sexy side takes over on Wednesday! Intuition guides you in love on Thursday and Friday. Use your creativity to rev up romance. You’re irritated easily on Saturday, but your braininess draws admirers on Sunday.



Libra: Feelings can get out of control during Monday’s Full Moon, when objectivity flies out the window. Tuesday is combative. Twosome energy soars on Wednesday, so plan a date with your sweetie. Playful flirting in the boudoir makes passion percolate on Thursday and Friday. Don’t limit your vision of love on Saturday. You’re on fire on Sunday!


Scorpio: Monday’s Full Moon energizes romance all week, but you’ll need to watch out for willfulness. A clash with a coworker can disrupt work on Tuesday. Compassion and sensitivity make love bloom on Wednesday. You can manifest someone special on Thursday or Friday. Socializing is stilted on Saturday. A quiet, cozy tryst sets love ablaze on Sunday!


Sagittarius: You may be unusually demanding during Monday’s Full Moon, so strive for cooperation. Tuesday is scattered. Passion escalates on Wednesday, when your words enhance your mystique! Love does a slow and sensual burn on Thursday and Friday. Your relationship may seem blocked on Saturday, but a twosome encounter heats up on Sunday.


Capricorn: Lusty talk makes passion soar during Monday’s Full Moon! A trip for two can heighten romance as well. You’re energized but argumentative on Tuesday. Friendship and work go together on Wednesday. Feelings flow on Thursday and Friday, a great time for a romantic rendezvous. You’re in work mode on Saturday but ready to play on Sunday.


Aquarius: Feelings are chaotic and illogical during Monday’s Full Moon. You’re feeling antsy on Tuesday, so get physical to blow off steam. Love can be found during a spiritual activity on Thursday or Friday. Your words have power then, too. Romance feels limiting on Saturday. Commitment issue? Your mystique entices passion on Sunday!


Pisces: Monday’s Full Moon in your sign heightens your magnetism, but a power struggle may arise, too. Tuesday feels pushy. Love needs a passionate show of feelings on Wednesday! Romance blooms through sincere sweet-talk on Thursday and Friday. Family irritates you on Saturday. Throwing a party enhances your artsy reputation on Sunday.

Aries: Monday’s Full Moon can make you restless for a personal transformation. It may also bring in a love from the past (at least in your thoughts). You’re irritated easily on Tuesday. Wednesday is hot! Look for moneymaking opportunities on Thursday and Friday. Talk is stilted on Saturday, but flirting fires you up on Sunday.


Taurus: The Full Moon on Monday revs up socializing, which can bring in a lover or a professional contact. Your mystique draws admirers mid-week. Your powers of attraction escalate on Thursday and Friday, when romance is yours to enjoy. Your influence at work is heightened, too. A misunderstanding arises on Saturday. Your naughty side takes over on Sunday!


Gemini: A relationship issue can turn into a tempest during the Full Moon this week. Socializing energizes you mid-week, but an argument with a friend may take you by surprise. Love blooms in a serene, natural environment on Thursday and Friday. Love may seem out of reach on Saturday, but heartfelt words rev up romance on Sunday!


Cancer: Romance is intense during Monday’s Full Moon, but possessiveness can unhinge your connection. A confrontation may erupt mid-week, so stay centered. Romance is divine on Thursday and Friday, a good time to throw a party for two (or more!). Some sadness about the past may arise on Saturday. Get cozy at home with your sweetie (or a good friend) on Sunday.


Leo: Romance may seem out of control from a clash of wills during the Full Moon on Monday. Hasty words can upset love on Tuesday. Love blooms from afar or while traveling on Wednesday. A work project can bring romance on Thursday or Friday. Socializing is chaotic on Saturday. Love can be found during a group activity on Sunday.


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