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Are you uninspired by your job? No? – Yet you have no problem drummingup passion for other activities, such as taking trips, doing yoga,entertaining, spending a day at the spa or working on design projects.Maybe it’s time to reassess how you earn your living.

Lots of people make money doing what they love – so why can’t it be you?

First, think about what really inspires you. What do you spend most of your spare time doing? Is it reading entertainment magazines and planning dinner parties, is it creating beautiful spaces – indoor or out? What about going to yoga four times a week? Reflect on what brings you joy, and what feels authentic to you when you focus on it. Now write it down.

Next, make a list of the accomplishments you get the most compliments on. You might want to spend a week paying attention to what people are saying to you. Do you see a correlation? Now, do some research . . . go to a conference, or join a group associated with your interest. You’ll soon start meeting people who make money doing what you love to do.

Once you have a vision in place, you can make a “job search” plan. If it requires going back to school, that might be good timing – when the economy is down, it can sometimes be a good time to reeducate yourself. Trust us, you’ll make up for any income lost by doing something you love, and being rewarded for it down the road. People know when you are passionate about what you do, and they gravitate to you.

Below is a list of spiritual jobs you may want to consider:

So you love to cook
The most obvious career choice for someone who loves to cook and entertain is to become a restaurant chef. But we know that’s not for everyone, what with the long hours and constant standing on your feet. However, there are dozens of other jobs that revolve around food. You may want to become an Ayurveda chef or cookbook author, or maybe a nutritionist. Schools, publications, hospitals, spas, sports organizations, celebrities and many other places and people rely on them. How about a “green party” planner – for companies, hotels or individuals? You can become a buyer for Whole Foods or another food company you respect, or a sales rep for a line of food you particularly admire. If you’re into gardening, perhaps you want to work for an organic grower or winery.

Call to healing
Let’s face it, medical school is tough. You may not have had the grades, money or time to earn that M.D. But you don’t need to go to medical school to be a healer. How good do you feel after you’ve received a massage, or gone for acupuncture? With a career in alternative medicine you can be in that relaxed environment you appreciate, while helping someone else feel better! Alternative medicine, nutrition and other areas that revolve around a healthier way of living are growing rapidly in the United States, where the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 42% increase in the employment rate in alternative medicine careers by 2014.

If your passion in medicine is for healthy food, try a nutrition program. Love aromatherapy and touch? Massage therapy could be for you. The best thing about these careers (aside from obvious job satisfaction) is that a certificate program takes a lot less time to complete than a traditional degree. A good way to get started is to identify what field speaks to you the most, then research the program opportunities in your desired area.

A gift to teach
Life coaches, workshop presenters, closet organizers, green home consultants, tour guides and meditation instructors… these are just some of the possibilities for making a living by passing on your hard-earned knowledge and talents. The best teachers are passionate experts on their subjects, and they generally have experience doing what they teach – and today, the opportunities for sharing expertise can reach far beyond a single classroom.

Life coaching is one of the fastest-growing careers for those who want to leave the corporate fast track for a freelance life in teaching. Consider coaching clients through their financial stresses and into abundance via online courses, telephone consultations, or workshops you host at different venues – or work privately one-on-one in people’s homes. Coaches often specialize in creativity, careers, weight loss, or child management – or just work as general problem solvers. The possibilities are endless! It can be very gratifying to be the support system or the cheerleader in someone’s life, as they move through new or difficult transitions. To get started you may want to set up a website or a blog, pass out business cards to your friends, or give a free workshop or Q&A at your local library or civic luncheon meeting. Also, join a networking group of other coaches. They may have more clients than they can handle – hint, hint.

The biggest reward of a spiritual career is that you are changing people’s lives for the better, whether it’s with better food, a more relaxed or organized life, an expanded mind, or an improved physical state of being. Also, think about the good karma you can garner with a career choice that makes others healthier and happier. The universal possibilities are simply endless.

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