Your LOVECAST™: Romance and Responsibility Collide

Romance and responsibility collide at the beginning of the week. It’s time to really think about what you want in lasting love. Socializing escalates by Thursday and as the weekend descends, fantasy rules!

Week of September 8 – 14, 2008


Virgo: Sharing what’s important to you can deepen love at the beginning of the week. Look for moneymaking opportunities as well. Your analysis of love brings insights on Thursday and Friday, although your feelings are unpredictable on Friday. A quiet dinner for two brings delight on Saturday, but a relationship shift is needed on Sunday.


Libra: Your powers of attraction, heightened by your intelligence and artistry, skyrocket this week. Keep focused on what you really want in love and work. Family is highlighted Monday through Wednesday. Thursday and Friday are all about networking for romance or career contacts. Listen to your intuition about love on Saturday. Witty flirting heightens romance on Sunday.


Scorpio: Your mystique draws an admirer (maybe from your past) at the beginning of the week. Your wit kicks into high gear as well. An objective review of romance can bring insights on Thursday and Friday. Also, avoid unreliable or unstable contacts. Your romantic side takes over on Saturday! Breaking through a relationship block may occur on Sunday.


Sagittarius: Your influence soars on Monday, if you can avoid a power struggle. Socializing escalates mid-week, when friends can bring a career or love opportunity. Flirting brings a romantic interlude on Thursday. Love may feel blocked or challenging on Friday (freedom issue?). A homey tryst can deepen love on Saturday. Feelings challenge you on Sunday.


Capricorn: Your charisma escalates and brings love or career opportunities on Monday through Wednesday, so get out there and share who you are! Networking for career advancement can bring results on Thursday. Watch rash words and speedy driving on Friday. Your words can make love bloom (or attract a new admirer) this weekend.


Aquarius: This week, your vision of the future empowers your ability to manifest your aspirations, so clarify your goals in all areas of your life. Also, travel can bring opportunities, including a romantic encounter. Socializing is especially delightful on Thursday, when your charisma skyrockets. Sharing your values and spirituality will heighten romance this weekend!


Pisces: Intimacy deepens this week, so share your deepest self. Just be sure to communicate your emotional and sexual needs. Networking for romance or work is favored on Tuesday and Wednesday. Your braininess in the boudoir makes passion percolate Thursday! Stay centered through the chaos on Friday. Your powers of attraction soar on Saturday. Sunday feels restrictive.


Aries: Your entrepreneurial talents soar on Monday and Tuesday, when contacts can assist you (and provide romance as well!). If you already have a partner, they may be demanding of your attention. Friends provide fun and opportunities on Thursday and Friday. A quiet dinner for two makes romance bloom on Saturday. Compromise improves love on Sunday.


Taurus: Intimacy rocks on Monday and Tuesday, when romance battles with common sense. Your artistry can bring a professional opportunity on Wednesday or Thursday, when your powers of attraction soar as well. Talk and travel can rattle you on Friday. Love is sweet and may come through a friend on Saturday or Sunday, but you’ll need to lighten up.


Gemini: Your relationship intensifies on Monday, when heartfelt talk will bring you closer together. Commitment in love arises on Tuesday or Wednesday. Your witty repartee draws admirers on Thursday. Your need for freedom or change can upset love on Friday. Romance needs sensitivity on Saturday. Mixed messages unhinge love on Sunday.


Cancer: At the beginning of the week, twosome energy soars, along with your desire to beautify your home. Be creative! Socializing is energized on Thursday and Friday, a good time to throw a party. Romance skyrockets on Saturday and may involve someone from afar or from a class or trip. Talk can rattle you on Sunday.


Leo: Flirting (and other heartfelt talk) gets intense on Monday through Wednesday, which may distract you from work. Twosome energy soars on Thursday, a great time for a sexy rendezvous. Love and finances need clarity and grounding on Friday. Your whimsical creativity makes love bloom on Saturday. Love is complicated on Sunday.


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