Your LOVECAST™: Heightened Cooperation

A wicked Pluto influence rattles relationships and communications for much of the week. Mercury entering Libra on Thursday should help things ease up by heightening cooperation. Plus, the New Moon in Virgo on Saturday will bring a fresh start.

Week of August 25 – 31, 2008

Virgo: You’re hot, you’re cold, you’re sociable, you’re aloof. What you really are this week is a butterfly breaking free of a cocoon of self-imposed limitations. Meditate on expanding your path and embrace the transformation, which will accelerate after Saturday’s New Moon in your sign. The weekend may also bring a surprise pertaining to love.

Libra: Striving for a balanced perspective in your relationship may be a lost cause because of feelings or urges you’ve been denying or ignoring, which are in your face. Sanity resumes on Thursday, when level-headed Mercury transits into your sign. The New Moon on Saturday says, take some quiet time (not alone, necessarily) to find your direction.

Scorpio: The dark side of your Pluto ruler may come out to play this week, stirring things up in social situations. If you turn your angst into positive action, you’ll create something valuable – or at least, memorable. Your powers of attraction are highest on Friday, and Saturday’s New Moon ushers in new friends and benefactors.

Sagittarius: Pluto in your sign heightens strife in your career activities this week, especially with people in authority. You’ll need to channel your rebellious side into positive action, which should be easier after Thursday. Plus, Saturday’s New Moon brings a new cycle of career activities. As for love, your wild-child still has the upper hand this weekend!

Capricorn: A disgruntled feeling about your future may have you by the throat this week, which will prompt some soul-searching about your goals – a very good thing. Intimacy heats up on Thursday and Friday, when a dose of fantasy can fire up passion. Saturday’s New Moon reveals the bigger picture of your destiny, so heed your inner voice.

Aquarius: A wild desire for something new (or kinky!) should make your love life very interesting this week. At the very least, you’ll gain some intriguing insights about intimacy. Romance accelerates on Thursday, and commitment is on your mind on Friday. The New Moon illuminates sexual issues and gives you the urge to evaluate your debt.

Pisces: Like a pendulum swinging out of control, angst over your relationship this week can have you overreacting to your significant other, who is overacting to you. Time spent on your career may be an issue, too. Strive for balance, which should be easier after Thursday. Plus, Saturday’s New Moon brings fresh energy to your partnership.

Aries: Pluto challenges relationships and discussions at work this week, and can cause havoc if you’re traveling abroad. Romance is passionate on Thursday and dreamy (illusive?) on Friday. The New Moon on Saturday brings a new cycle of work projects (and work-related flirtations!) and is a great time to get organized – and be healthy.

Taurus: Jealousy and control issues may arise this week during a nasty Pluto contretemps with your Venus ruler. However, Pluto can prompt a positive shift in your relationship too. Fortunately, Saturday’s New Moon in your romance sector can bring a fresh start to your love life – if you avoid an extreme reaction on Sunday.

Gemini: An angry eruption in your home environment (family member… contractor?) can trigger a battle with your significant other. It’s the domino effect, so try to extinguish the embers before they ignite into a firestorm. Relationship talks improve after Thursday, while the New Moon on Saturday brings a fresh start to your home life.

Cancer: Communications get out of control this week, igniting arguments, competitiveness, subterfuge and travel snafus. Take some quiet time to get centered. As for love, a homey tryst with an enticing ambiance can make passion percolate on Thursday and Friday. The New Moon on Saturday gives a lift to communications, including the naughty kind!

Leo: A clash of priorities, including spending habits, with your sweetie can prompt a heated debate this week, when cooperation is in short supply – until Thursday, when discussions (and romance) start to regain their equilibrium. Passion heats up on Friday, while Saturday’s New Moon brings a new financial cycle, so look for moneymaking opportunities.

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