DreamCast: A Lost Purse

I dreamt that I went shopping and I remember which shops I went to. As I head back on my way home and reach the gate, I realize that my purse is missing from my handbag. I vaguely remember who was with me then, and I tell her that I left my purse at one furniture shop. Then I ask her to come along with me to get my purse back. We wait for a taxi or bus to get there, but we cannot find any. I had all my money and my ATM card in there.

Sabeey in Hong Kong

Hello Sabeey,

Money is a resource. In dreams, it can symbolize your buying power, physical energy, emotional ties or the use of time. Dreaming of shopping indicates that you’re making (or reviewing) choices about your life, probably about your home life, as symbolized by the furniture store. However, you left a major resource – your purse – behind, which is blocking your way forward. I think this “resource” is connected to your past, like a skill you’ve developed but you’re not using, which you need to use now. Waiting for a bus or taxi means you’re not in control of your life. What are you waiting for? Everything you need to fulfill your destiny is already inside you. You are the creator of your path. Take the reins and go for it!

Sweet dreams,

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