Your LOVECAST™: Don’t Stop Dreaming!

Fantasy can either fire up or derail love at the start of the week – but don’t stop dreaming! During the weekend, a Grand Earth Trine makes sensuality sizzle. So take your time with love and enjoy!

Week of July 21 – 27, 2008

Cancer: Passion heats up romance on Monday. Your relationship future is revealed on Tuesday, if you listen to your intuition. You’ll probably feel pushed, edgy and hot to trot on Wednesday and Thursday. Your lusty side comes out to play on Friday and Saturday, so get physical! Communications may feel stilted on Sunday, when travel is problematic, too.

Leo: A tug-of-war between being sensitive and going for it will confuse you on Monday. Romance is intense (from jealousy?) on Tuesday. Your charisma makes you the center of attention on Wednesday and Thursday, when travel is favored, too. Revealing your sensuality (get earthy!) makes passion percolate on Friday and Saturday. A friend may need your help on Sunday.

Virgo: Your needs may clash with your partner’s desires on Monday. Surprising your sweetie with a sexy romp will heighten passion on Tuesday! Your instincts may pull you in a new creative or romantic direction on Wednesday or Thursday. Your magnetism scores admirers on Friday and Saturday, when travel is favored, too. Feelings clash with common sense on Sunday.

Libra: Hidden desires or restlessness can sidetrack you on Monday. Look for a startling insight about your past on Tuesday, when your psychic powers are activated. A soulful but lively heart-to-heart talk with your sweetie can deepen intimacy on Wednesday or Thursday. Show off your artistry to accelerate romance on Friday and Saturday. Self-imposed limitations challenge you on Sunday.

Scorpio: Passion sizzles on Monday, but love may be illusive, so be patient. Romance escalates and may take you by surprise on Tuesday. Healthy activities can turn lusty on Wednesday and Thursday! Partnership trysts are favored on Friday and Saturday, if you and your partner don’t get into a clash of wills. Take some introspective, alone time on Sunday.

Sagittarius: A clash with someone in authority may erupt on Monday, and a family challenge arises on Tuesday. However, your energy and optimism are restored on Wednesday and Thursday, when romance escalates, too. Getting outdoors for a sexy rendezvous makes passion soar on Friday and Saturday! Commitment or responsibility is the issue on Sunday.

Capricorn: Common sense disappears when feelings take over on Monday. A spontaneous expression of love can deepen your connection on Tuesday. Passion sizzles during a lively tryst at home on Wednesday or Thursday. You’re all fired up for a sexy encounter on Friday and Saturday, when romance blooms. Love needs analyzing on Sunday.

Aquarius: Love feels irrational on Monday. Your powers of attraction and wit make you the center of attention on Tuesday, so reveal who you are. Your braininess brings you kudos on Wednesday and Thursday. Quiet your brain and get physical to rev up romance on Friday and Saturday. Analyzing love will either enlighten or upset your relationship on Sunday.

Pisces: Others may pull you off course on Monday, so stay strong. Creative inspiration comes your way on Tuesday, when you’ll be especially magnetic in love, too. Relationships need a direct approach on Wednesday and Thursday. Your soulfulness and sensuality rev up romance on Saturday. A clash of goals may arise in your relationship on Sunday.

Aries: Unconscious desires are a distraction on Monday. Your imagination and intuition heighten creativity and romance on Tuesday. You’re hot for a sexy encounter on Wednesday and Thursday, so plan a rendezvous with your sweetie! Slow down to enjoy the earthy sweetness of love on Friday and Saturday. Verbalizing your feelings clarifies romance on Sunday.

Taurus: Love blooms from a mix of passion and sensitivity on Monday. A friend may offer a surprising opportunity or suggestion on Tuesday. Romance is energized on Wednesday and Thursday. Your lusty side takes over on Friday and Saturday, but watch out for mixed messages. A clash of values can upset your relationship on Sunday.

Gemini: Your imagination overrides logic on Monday. An unexpected career opportunity may arise on Tuesday, as well as some tension with your significant other. Socializing with friends and networking with colleagues are favored on Wednesday and Thursday. Get real about love on Friday. Romance needs an instinctual response on Saturday and clear talk on Sunday.

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