Your LOVECAST™: Be Prepared to Get Physical!

The week begins with some abrasiveness, so stay cool. Friday’s Full Moon in earthy Capricorn energizes sensual encounters over the weekend. So be prepared to get physical!

Week of July 14 – 20, 2008

Cancer: Emotions run high and can be disruptive on Monday. Subterfuge or suppressed anger can upset your workplace on Tuesday. Commitment is the topic of conversation with your partner on Wednesday and Thursday, when discussions can turn argumentative (or lusty!). The Full Moon on Friday brings out your naughty side and energizes twosome trysts over the weekend.

Leo: A confrontation with your sweetie can turn passionate on Monday. Intense feelings either heighten or derail romance on Tuesday, but a more grounded, patient approach to love can put your relationship back on track on Wednesday or Thursday. Getting comfortable enough to show your vulnerability to your partner can heighten intimacy during this weekend’s Full Moon!

Virgo: You may feel pushed to take action on Monday. An insight or secret about your family may be revealed on Tuesday – if you look deep enough. True love can be yours (soon!) if you focus on compatibility and commitment on Wednesday and Thursday. Get creative in the boudoir (role-playing? erotic literature?) to make passion take flight during the Full Moon this weekend.

Libra: Any anger you’ve been suppressing may come out fighting on Monday. Seek and express a deeper truth on Tuesday, when a surprising insight can be yours. Get cozy with your sweetie with a home-cooked meal, followed by desert between the sheets on Wednesday or Thursday. Your party for two may expand into a full-fledged gathering of friends under the Full Moon this weekend!

Scorpio: A friend or group you’re involved with may spur a confrontation on Monday. You’re hot for action but easily provoked on Tuesday. A daytrip for two can inspire romance on Wednesday or Thursday (a heart-felt conversation will have the same effect). Friday’s Full Moon makes you really antsy to explore someplace new over the weekend.

Sagittarius: Hasty words or actions can get you into hot water on Monday. The urge for a profound personal change can present a new path for you on Tuesday. Get earthy and outdoors to heighten passion on Wednesday and Thursday. The Full Moon over the weekend says it may be time to get real (and committed!) about love.

Capricorn: What’s holding you back from your true path may be revealed on Monday. Take some time alone on Tuesday to resolve the past (forgiveness needed?). Your charisma makes you the center of attention on Wednesday and Thursday. Friday’s Full Moon accelerates your powers of attraction even more over the weekend, so get out and socialize!

Aquarius: Access your sensitivity when passion clashes with feelings on Monday. Some emotional intensity with a friend may arise on Tuesday. Getting out of your head and back down to earth (and into your body!) heightens passion on Wednesday and Thursday. The Full Moon on Friday brings out your instinctual side, especially between the sheets.

Pisces: Your insights are needed when work or family interactions turn chaotic on Monday. A power struggle (with a superior?) tests your strength on Tuesday. Passion escalates (from a heated discussion?) on Wednesday or Thursday so stay grounded. This weekend’s Full Moon makes you the center of attention in your social circle. Enjoy!

Aries: Work is irritating on Monday, when a co-worker can get under your skin. Passion gets adventurous on Tuesday, so plan something daring! Your entrepreneurial talent brings admirers (and perhaps a tryst with a colleague) on Wednesday or Thursday. The Full Moon brings out your lusty side over the weekend, when taking it slow in the boudoir accelerates passion.

Taurus: Your sweetie may spark a debate (over money?) that annoys you on Monday. Intimacy deepens on Tuesday, although you may want to take some alone time, too. Think exotic (trip for two?) to heighten passion on Wednesday and Thursday. Friday’s Full Moon says this weekend may be the time to take a risk in revealing your heart!

Gemini: A family member may get demanding on Monday. A twosome encounter with your partner is both lusty and complicated on Tuesday. Taking the time to help someone in need brings admiration (and perhaps romance) on Wednesday or Thursday. The Full Moon over the weekend brings out your physical side – both inside and outside the bedroom!

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