DreamCast: Chased by Wild Animals

I dreamt of being chased by many wild animals in the desert. I ran as fast as I could, falling on the ground and getting back up. Then an elephant came to my rescue with fresh green leaves in its mouth. It stretched its trunk to give me the leaves. I woke up just before reaching for the leaves. What does that mean?

From Catherine in Nairobi

Hello Catherine,

The elephant is a wonderful symbol of your inner resourcefulness and strength. The elephant may also be your spirit guide that protects you and guides you on your path. The offering of leaves symbolizes the gifts from your strength that nourish you while you’re struggling with challenges, as symbolized by the wild beasts. These wild animals may also represent your own need for freedom. Perhaps this degree of freedom or wildness scares you because you’re running from it. The dream also reveals how alone you feel (the desert is a barren and lonely place). Fortunately, your inner strength, as symbolized by a magnificent elephant, will always be there for you in times of trouble.

Sweet dreams,

2 thoughts on “DreamCast: Chased by Wild Animals

  1. Pete Villari

    I am sitting a an open airplane with my brother on the left and my wife on the right as we take off we both discuss the idea of how we both like to Fly and will rent a plane when we land and start our vacation

  2. Pete Villari

    Here is my Dream.

    I was standing in my backyard of the home I grew up in Long Island NY. I was leaning on the shed my Dad built in the backyard. I was on the phone speaking to my Mom (who passed away 2 years ago). She was telling me bad news, someone had died. “she said Peter I am sorry but didn’t, they tell you” and at that moment I felt my Dad had died and I woke up. My Dad still lives in NY (different house) with the rest of my siblings in the surrounding area and I live in GA.

    What does this mean?


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