Your LOVECAST™: A Heightened Sense of Adventure

The New Moon in Sagittarius on Wednesday brings a fresh start to the week – and heightens your sense of adventure, too. Friendship and freedom are the theme for romance this weekend. Plus, Mars turning retrograde on Sunday can prompt a review about what (or who!) you’re putting your energy into. Best days for socializing: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Week of December 14 – 20, 2009

Sagittarius: You may feel like running from commitment on Monday, but romance is irresistible on Tuesday, if you’re open to a heartfelt connection. The New Moon in your sign helps you manifest your desires during the next two weeks. Watch spending on Wednesday. An online flirtation or taking a class can prompt a romantic tryst this weekend!

Capricorn: A cozy locale with an exotic ambiance can accelerate romance at the start of the week, especially on Tuesday. Look for love during spiritual gatherings after the New Moon. Irritations escalate on Wednesday night. An outdoor adventure can heat up passion on Thursday. Share your uniqueness to inspire romance on Saturday. Intimacy sets passion ablaze on Sunday!

Aquarius: A friend lends a helping hand in romance on Tuesday, when love can be found during a group activity. The New Moon widens your social circle and can bring romance through a community event. A twosome tryst brings delight on Thursday. Your charisma soars this weekend, making it easy to attract romance – and new friends as well!

Pisces: You may feel pulled in different directions on Monday. Look for romance during work activities on Tuesday and Thursday. Seek to advance your career then, too. Sharing your expertise draws admirers (and perhaps a career opportunity) after the New Moon. A spiritual gathering, discussion or locale can bring/inspire romance this weekend!

Aries: The New Moon activates your need for freedom and can bring romance through a trip, class or spiritual activity. Sharing your knowledge and insights will inspire romance as well. Just watch out for a clash of wills, perhaps regarding your career, on Wednesday. This weekend, group activities widen your social circle and can bring a romantic interlude.

Taurus: Intimacy has a dose of daring because of the New Moon, so be courageous in love this week! Entertaining friends or a lover on Thursday, when your artistry kicks into high gear, can bring fulfillment. Your sensuality draws admirers on Friday. You’re feeling delightfully unpredictable this weekend, when spontaneity makes passion sizzle.

Gemini: A twosome tryst is sure to energize you this week, compliments of the New Moon in your partnership sector. Tuesday is an especially good time for a rendezvous with your sweetie or to meet someone new. A commitment issue may arise on Wednesday. Your wicked side makes an appearance this weekend, when some playful teasing fires up passion!

Cancer: The New Moon encourages a direct approach in relationships. A courageous expression of feelings revs up romance, particularly on Tuesday. A clash with your sweetie is likely Wednesday, so strive to stay emotionally centered. Love blooms once again on Thursday and Friday. Changing things up (style? persona? sexual technique?) fires up passion this weekend!

Leo: Love and lust merge on Tuesday and Thursday. What’s more, the New Moon energizes your romance sector and brings out your playful side. Using your creativity to revamp your boudoir inspires passion as well. Love needs an earthy approach on Friday. Passion and friendship merge to bring emotional fulfillment this weekend – if your heart is open.

Virgo: Freedom beckons at the start of the week, when feelings are unpredictable. Still, a cozy tryst by the fire can make passion percolate on Tuesday! Relationship stress is likely to arise on Wednesday night. Romance is divine on Thursday and Friday. An exotic or unconventional approach to love inspires romance this weekend.

Libra: The New Moon energizes romance through a heartfelt or flirtatious message, so express yourself! A trip or class can attract/inspire romance on Tuesday. Your confidence may be shaky on Wednesday. Your sense of style and artistry make you irresistible on Thursday. Relationship energy flows on Saturday and is hot (contentious?) on Sunday.

Scorpio: An open expression of feelings inspires passion on Tuesday and Thursday, so be bold! The New Moon focuses on values in relationships. It can also bring a moneymaking opportunity. Willfulness can knock the breath out of love on Wednesday night. Throwing a party this weekend widens your circle of friends and/or inspires a romantic interlude.

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