Your LOVECAST®: Lively Wordplay

Your Love Horoscope

Some lively wordplay at the start of the week gives way to a deeper, emotional vibe in romance mid-week. Then get ready for an energized weekend as the Moon in Leo fires up passion, drama and creativity, from Friday night through Sunday. You’ll just need to seek clarity during the elusive/deceptive Sun-Neptune square on Sunday. Best days for socializing: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Aries Love Horoscope

Your impressive brainpower makes it easy to attract admirers if you share your ideas, humor and flirting skills. A homey tryst will bring delight mid-week, but watch out for an emotional overreaction on Wednesday night. Romance will be steamy throughout the weekend, when love can be found during a performance or friendly gathering.

Taurus Love Horoscope

Expressing your feelings will inspire romance—if you avoid rash words on Wednesday. An online admirer may connect with you on Thursday or Friday. Throwing a lavish party during the weekend will show off your creativity. If you’re paired, dining in and enjoying a film, game or spirited discussion will make passion sizzle!

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Gemini Love Horoscope

Your mystique is irresistible at the beginning of the week, so get out and socialize! This weekend is a great time to let your intellect shine by sharing your wit and knowledge. You may meet someone interesting through a class, trip or online source. If you’re paired, a romantic getaway can ignite some lusty interludes!

Cancer Love Horoscope

Reminiscing about the past will inspire love and perhaps shed light on a problem you’ve been dealing with. You may need to stay objective if your emotions run away with you on Wednesday, though. You’ll be a magnet for admirers on Thursday and Friday. A bold approach is what’s needed to set passion ablaze this weekend!

Leo Love Horoscope

Socializing or participating in a group project can bring romance at the start of the week. An emotional issue from the past may arise to be resolved mid-week. Your charisma escalates during the weekend, when sharing your positivity will make you irresistible. If you’re paired, just having fun together will energize your relationship!

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Virgo Love Horoscope

Socializing can get weird on Wednesday, but a friendly gathering can bring a romantic encounter on Thursday or Friday. Getting creative between the sheets will fire up passion during the weekend. If you’re solo, someone from the past may reappear or be on your mind. Heed your intuition about emotional connections, especially if you meet someone new.

Libra Love Horoscope

Revealing your adventurous side draws admirers at the start of the week. Romance may come from afar or from someone you meet during an educational activity. A family conflict may arise on Wednesday. An activity connected to your work can bring an admirer on Thursday and Friday. Look for romance during a group gathering this weekend.

Scorpio Love Horoscope

Some lighthearted repartee can prompt a passionate encounter at the start of the week. Sharing your knowledge or spiritual wisdom inspires love mid-week. Taking the lead in sharing your feelings, in a bold or creative way, will ignite romance on Friday night or during the weekend. If you’re paired, a touch of drama will energize your relationship!

Sagittarius Love Horoscope

A tryst with your partner on Monday or Tuesday will energize romance. Feelings may seem complicated mid-week, but passion escalates from Friday night through Sunday. Look for love during a spiritual activity or while learning something new. Romance may come from afar. Just be clear of the facts in order to avoid a misunderstanding.

Capricorn Love Horoscope

Your helpfulness inspires love at the start of the week. A conflict with your partner may arise on Wednesday, but making up is nearly assured on Thursday or Friday, if you keep your sense of humor. Accessing your adventurousness and trying something new—both in and out of the bedroom—will ignite passion during the weekend!

Aquarius Love Horoscope

A spirited romantic encounter is likely on Monday or Tuesday. If you’re paired, surprising your sweetie with an evening out will bring delight. Feelings may seem heavy mid-week. This weekend is a great time for a shared activity with your partner or a close friend. Just watch out for a miscommunication on Saturday night.

Pisces Love Horoscope

A gathering at your abode at the start of the week will energize you. Love may be rocky on Wednesday, but feelings flow on Thursday and Friday, when romance can be found during an entertainment activity. Others will find you exceptionally enticing or elusive this weekend. You’ll need to weed out the undesirables to find someone special.

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19 thoughts on “Your LOVECAST®: Lively Wordplay

  1. Renee'

    I am wondering what the name of the person I am meant to be with is? Am I supposed to move out of state or stay where I am? Will I be a teacher or another occupation?

  2. Bella

    Last but bit least I have found Codie is psychics 2 be very reliable I use ms Quinn & so does some of my friends readings that she doesn’t even know they have ties 2 me … Scroll through the websites 2 check our their psychics read their biography read the other. clients testimonies see which 1 your drawn 2 the most 2 be honest with you that’s how I chose / did it . 😉

  3. Bella

    Heidi always remember you know you always did the right thing always by putting your kids 1st food job .. I get that about what= WHY you did it, I sort of did it 2 like you did made them #1 priority but I always had my weekends 2 play hard other than that I ran run a tight ship .. 13 years is a long time but it’s like a bicycle , you never 4 get how 2 ride 1 .. Just be careful when getting back out there on IN the dating scenes / with web SITES dating services “” trust NO 1 “” with them PLZ make them earn your trust 1st “” BCZ & plz be aware in now days / times there are a lot OF scam artist are out there , so plz be weary & PLZ watch out 4 THE RED flags .. But hell don’t listen 2 me BCZ I don’t trust nobody I have diet know as my security except 3/2 DUE 2 my job yes I trust no 1 except 4 my OWN self lol lol .. FYI I an sure since you made the sacrifices you did with your children I bet your goodness shines through your kids BCZ you did such a great job @ raising them as a single mom … Good job give your self a treat so now go & find you a nice kind smart & A genuine man … Gods job 😉 you should be proud of your self BCZ being a good single mom is really tough & hard 2 do in these times , be blessed warmest wishes 2 you / yours !!! 🙂

  4. Bella

    LIZ you sound like your in a confusion situation / scenario my suggestion would be “” when in doubt you must stop until you CAN figure it out “” … NO judgements here “” until I’ve walked a mile IN Your = 1s own shoes “” .. My warmest wishes 4 you & yours … 😉

  5. Heidi

    Im skeptical, but had a reading years ago that was pretty dead on. Ive been divorced for 13 years and never allowed myself to get involved with anyone. I believed it was my job to take care of my children. Now, my children are all grown and im wondering whats in store for me. Did that decision , years ago to stay single predict my future of being alone?

  6. liz

    I’m married but I feel I’m going somewhere else…can u help me…I have psychic I can go to but I want to know if u r for real before I go to them…what can u say to give me the confidence in u

  7. Bella

    Sorry Bela I got sick from radiology + my new iPhone I can’t work it I sent if b4 I was done .. long story short what I also meant 2 say is this “” maybe or maybe not if they DO love you “”then maybe they HE will come back 2 you well good 4 y’all then maybe it will work it self out 4 the best IF it’s meant 2 be it will be you see !!! either way you will win or be ok in the long run or time, however & with that being said “” a heart loves / wants what a your heart does want that WAS my problem until I looked @ the bigger pictures !!! BUT plz do your OWN self a favor plz don’t just sit around by just pondering away OF what might of been by worrying / BY wondering / or waiting on / 4 him , 2 change his nubs & come back 2 you , don’t DO IT that / or at least don’t do this i4 only him instead do it 4 your self , let him go walk away 4 now if you know you love them don’t let him use you like that & don’t DO the settle OF “” just 4 the ONLY friends zone BS “” it will crush your own heart / spirits !!!! so plz don’t DO IT just 4 him instead do IT 4 your own self by not waiting on him 2 make up his mind why that’s a bunch of BS if they wanted 2 be with you HE / they would be with you instead of doing saying that BS “”friend zone “” 2 you IN the 1st place with you bc you would be the # 1 top priority 1st in their lives bc they wouldn’t want 2 gamble with your love or gamble on losing you in the 1st place IS in my way of thinking process so don’t wait around 4 him walk away 4 now & yes it will hurt badly but DO it 4 your own selfs worth , knowing you do deserve better than that BS just stop talking 2 him period , yea it will give you some peace of mind why BCZ knowing you did NATA wrong so it’s not with you / or ON you & no bc it’s not with you , so it’ must be only WITH him plz try 2 remember that ok … you might not want 2 hear / listen 2 this but Often times / or more than once occasions often in many case when a man does this BS friends thing ,2 someone it means that there is more 2 the / their BS story / = LIES & more than likely IT means there might be someone else NEW coming into their life’s pictures & if your around / they might not be able 2 do this so they give you BS excuses but in private all they are really saying is this they know / don’t wont someone else 2 come into the picture if your around as in they have moved on without you & this is their BS OWN way of taking the / their own chicken — t way out if it FYI BCZ if your around / or still in the picture they might see complications so they might’ need 2 get rid of their past relationship 1st b4 they CAN / move on by getting into another 1 (relationship ) That’s not gonna BE with you , also they might do it 2 you 2 by maybe just be keeping you around 2 fall back on in case it don’t work out in their new relationship they run back 2 you 4 safety = BS issues ‘s “” bc that’s how the way they get away with doing /,do the friendship zone BS “” with you 4 just in case
    scenario by keeping you around 2 fall back ON / IN .. I’m just keeping it real with you yes it might hurt you but IN time it does heals matters of the heart by knowing it wasn’t you who made the choices !!!! I wish you many blessing 2 you / yours … 😉

  8. Bella

    Sorry I meant 2 say “” maybe he loves me maybe he don’t “” it’s 2 late either way !!!! Plz be blessed happy holidays 2 you I hoped this was helpful 2 you … 🙂

  9. Bella

    Coming from 1 Bella 2 another Bela .. Your whatever sounds like a very confusing situation NO wonder why your so confused .. Here’s a ???? “” why would you do just do / settle 4 a friendship situation “” with him if that’s not your true desires , If I you really wanted a life long relationship with this certain someone special someone why would you just settle 4 that bc it makes no sense 2 put limitations on your self by knowing that’s all he’s offering up @ this time ., I would be very insulted … when it was “tried ” 2 be done 2 me , I took a pass & I told them NO thank you when they offered it up 2 me “” just a friendship roll “” with mine I think he was just testing the waters with me 2 be in the “” friends zone ” well he lost me bc ” My butt WAS so fast gone out if there I wouldn’t even give them the time 2 give me some no sense none sense of a BS explanation like that .. Yea You may love & miss them but I would never settle 4 that mess … Just only 2 lose your own way self … Folks who say they will wait 4 them is only hurting them selves , yes you will love / miss them every single day however what about your happiness coming 1st that should be # 1 priority don’t you think so , clearly that’s not a healthy situation 2 be in … B4 you judge me I just let a 34 year BFF scenario situation GO with my British BFF “LEO “” GO who I thought somedays was my soulmate,until I net the last 1 & even though were not talking my BFF British BFF well were in a good place now or since in a long time ., with the other 1 it was a long 3 1/2 year something 4 me yes it was true love , with the friendship thing with us well IT killed US as far as I am concerned I think it was the way he said IT maybe ???? so I said replied a no thank you 2 the friendship thing & 2 be honest like I said I found it was very insulting 2 me with him , I can’t / I don’t operate that way so I want NATA else 2 do with him so I cut all my ties with him as much as it hurts believe I am much better off in the long run without HIM / them in my life bc neither 1 of them @ this time DO fit into my own life you see @ this time … Yes it hurts but the more I thought about it the faster I got over it BCZ I knew it wasn’t with me but it lies with in his utter BS words HIS wording so here’s my apology 2 him “” he can get bent 2 “” .. Bc that’s a crock of —t !!! Does he love me I thought he did but he only needed my legal help experience that’s ALL I now realize this . however & Like I said plz remember it’s not WITH you it’s WITH only him plz don’t ever under estimate your self … yea it hurts but you must move on “” if it’s meant 2 be it will work itself out “” but until then what about you putting your self IN coming 1st in your life is all I am saying 2 try 2 do what makes you happy right now should come 1st don’t you think so ??? All my warmest wishes blesses go out 2 you , I’ve been there recently 2 & I’ve done that / like I said even though with mine I don’t think it meant it , dies he live me maybe he does maybe he don’t who cares not my butt NO more that would be who / whom !!! however it was very insulting 2 me , like i feel like it us with your situation if I was you I would also replied back a NO thank you / as IN get bent ASAP scenario situation it worked with my case with mine , settle 4 that/ this his BS oh hell no as in no thank you plz .. As it is / WAS right now with US as IT was !!! maybe this helps you out if your not the 1 who messed up then plz walk away 4 now time give it space & I will tell you this / if they really do live you maybe maybe bit it might work out but that doesn’t mean your butt needs 2 be sitting around OR waiting on / 4 his –s you see & 4 what more BS excuses . yes it hurts but trust me it will in time the pain WILL lessen UP on the = your pain … plz take care , 😉

  10. Marianne

    I was married for 24 years and have been divorced and alone for 3 years now, is there anyone lined up to enter my life soon, I sure miss the whole relationship life, and having a companion besides my Labrador

  11. Kozac Cristina

    I would like to know if the person who, 3 weeks ago, told me that he didnt want to lose me and that i was the sunshine of his life and a few days ago suddently terminated the relationship, will come back to me.
    I love him very much and I am waiting for him.
    I live in Germany and he lives in the States.
    I cant stop thinking about him.

  12. Nelida

    I have not had a job for almost 11/20/12 it will be a year and i’m not interested in anyone or looking for a relationship at this time my life is in a limbo and i don’t believe that at this time anyone would be interested in me jobless trying to go to school .

  13. felicia

    I’m in a relationship and all we do is fuss every day is this rite 2 stay in this relationship with someone who always have problem every day of the week

  14. Ganiyatu

    Good afternoon and compliment of the season. I have longed to drop my comment. Your readings to me are so accurate and precise. Always true to the point. I love them. Thank you so much and regards to all your loved ones

  15. Bela





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