8 Signs You’re Meant to Be Together

Are They Your Soulmate? It’s Time to Look at the Signs…

To be or not to be? This is the question you’ll ask yourself in every relationship you will ever have. The key to finding the answer is understanding how you (and those around you) perceive the relationship. Although you can’t always count on practical thinking when it comes to relationships, there are some signs to know if they’re your soulmate.

1. You Get to be the Real You

Relationships that are kept on a short leash are trouble waiting to happen. You should not have to be someone you’re not in order to keep your partner happy. A relationship with a soulmate should be relatively easy and effortless—almost to the point of being boring. Slightly boring is always better than the up-and-down-roller-coaster type of relationships.

2. You Don’t Need to be Entertained all the Time

We’ve all been in the kind of relationship that has more than just the occasional uncomfortable silence. This is because there is nothing holding your relationship together except fun times, good jokes and quirky commentary. The moment that you are left with the mundane reality of your relationship, you feel cold and sad. A relationship that is meant-to-be does not need to be entertaining all the time. Having each other should be enough.

3. Their Happiness is Just as Important as Your Own

Being in a relationship can lead to selfish actions if you are mostly in love with what the other person is giving you. When you think about how your partner’s life can be improved just as much as you think about improving your own, that’s how you know what you feel for them is true love.

“If you are not in a relationship with someone, then love yourself.” – Psychic Fiona ext. 5178

4. They’re Not Perfect, but They’re What You Need

Some people call it settling, while others say it is understanding the reality of love, and taking the extra effort to ensure your own happiness. You will never find the perfect partner, and your soulmate may not make you see fireworks each and every night. The important thing is that they are close enough to being what you need.

5. Your Loved Ones Love Them 

Sure, you can’t always count on friends and family to tell you when a relationship is good for you. However, they can see you from a side that you can’t. Love can make a person blind in many ways, but it rarely has that effect on the people around you. If other people see that someone is making you a better person, that is always a good sign.

6. You Understand the Importance of Compromise

Most short-term relationships are self-centered. In a sense, they need to be, as they are basically designed to be entertaining, until the moment they stop being that, and then they are over. When you find a partner who is important enough to you, that you are willing to sacrifice your needs in order to find a solution that meets you both halfway, it is time to take notice.

7. It is Easy to Laugh with Them

It has been said a thousand times, that laughter is one of the greatest gifts you can give your partner. When you have found your soulmate, laughter has less to do with how funny your jokes are, and more to do with just feeling good, and being able to open up, be yourself, and see life’s little pleasures for what they are.

8. It Should be Work, But Work You’re Happy to Do

Relationships take a lot of work—even the good ones. But you have to be up for doing the work, and enjoy doing it. If you have emotionally checked out of your relationship or are feeling lazy about it, you may not be with your soulmate. Soulmates recognize that’s there’s work to be done, and they’re happy to do it.

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10 thoughts on “8 Signs You’re Meant to Be Together

  1. Pamela

    My fiancee and I broke up a couple of months ago. Even though we been trying to be civil and friends for our kids sake it is just to hard on me because I feel like he is my soulmate. What should I do wait or just move on with my life and just forget about it?

  2. Bella

    Well & yep I’m ready 4 love now lol lol . I did a MY check list , looks like I am finally ready 4 my soul-mate , it’s been a hard 1 1/2 years of a lot of inner soul searching , glad 2 see / know it’s finally gonna be paying off .. Thank you 4 your encouraging me 2 go / DIG deep with in my own self , thanks 😉

  3. Chrissi

    Well Tonya I am staying through bad times but I know my husband needs me I like him more as a good friend now than as a lover I loved someone many years back and his family married him off to a bride by proxy in the days when that was acceptable so he had no choice in the matter but we never stopped loving each other- and a year later I married someone my parents approved of too, that didn’t work out as all the time I was looking for him- or someone just like him-neither of us believed in misbehaving outside marriage so as by then he had two young children we didn’t get together though we did see each other once when he told me to get myself out of an abusive relationship I married the guy who gave me a place to stay and so again we both were married to other people he has passed on now and when I heard it nearly killed me I felt such pain it was as if my heart had been ripped out- I was suicidal for a while and still sometimes feel I’d be happier dead as I’d be with him- but I know somehow if I did I’d never see him again and both my son and hubby need me there. whatever I did wrong (probably in a past life )I sure have suffered for it though

  4. Jesse 9027

    Tina, I hope you read this. From a psychic perspective, it seems that you want a break, not a break up. You are wanting something to come into your life that will channel your creativity and challenge you in all the right ways.

    Whenever I see someone wanting to run away from their children, I have to wonder exactly how the children came to be so dreadful. When parents stay focused on the very daunting task of parenting, they are not afraid of their children, nor do they throw in the towel when it comes to raising them. There was much more focus in your comments about your kids than your husband.

    It looks like your husband is running away, too, but he does his running in a virtual world. It looks like both of you have taken your hands off the wheel for quite a while and now the rubber is meeting the road in the worst ways possible. Young people who are the ages of your children are at their absolute worst under the very best of circumstances and it requires a united front from BOTH parents to steer them away from the rocks.

    As for the question of soul mate: in any life journey, we all have dozens, if not hundreds, of soul mates. The true definition of a soul mate is someone who impacts our life in such a way as to help us live our lives in a better fashion. It doesn’t mean that you fall in love with every soul mate and it doesn’t mean that there is only one. Yes, your husband is one of your soul mates but it is time for both of you to ask yourselves about what you are accomplishing in your life and in your relationship.

    Tonya is right about staying together through the toughest times. Marriage is a garden and it takes constant weeding and work to bring forth the desired harvest. You can’t plant the seeds and then run away to start another garden just because your behavior has not been consistent with desired outcome.

    Use this time to assess where you are and examine what tools you have that will be needed to get you where you want to be. Ask yourself if you still love your husband or have you two grown apart in ways that are irreconcilable? Look at what your life will be without him and what you will do without your family.

    You are at a critical point in your life and you are making decisions that will affect generations of people who will begin with your children. They, too, are your soul mates.

    Good luck and I am here if you would like a reading.

  5. tina

    Loved this ! Very true, but what if your relationship faces hardship after hardship,and then the one that broke the camel’s back, is the on you cannot recover from ? And one partner ( me) needs to leave the relationshiop,(in this case, 18 years of marriage) in order to heal from abuse from the children,and some of the spouse,to grow ? obviously, if there is abuse in any form, tat is not of a soul mate ?

  6. Tina

    What happens when you pretty much fit all but the last one ? Without going into detail, my family is now a fractured one ? My hubby of 18 years and I are not going to be together in the New year,as i am going to Utah to study Massage therapy and for the first time in the marriage, will be on my own.We are getting divorced,and now have no kids.He is a gaming addict and his computer games has always taken precedence over me,the kids,and the marriage. He has been a good worker,for the most part,but only so he has a place to live,electricy and cable to support his habit.Even in his work, he was not faithful,even though he denies this.My daughter took custody of her younger half-sisters and frankly,we have both given up and I just want to move on and heal,and I feel I cannot do that while in the marriage. Our kids (ages 16 and 11)have changed too much,for me to deal with,while under their older sister’s influence,and they refuse to see what she is really like.So, is he my soul mate or is it just great compatibility ?

  7. Tonya

    I agree with these statements, however I also believe you both have to have some staying power. Throwing in the towel when things get hard isn’t a sign of a well built relationship. Of course ppl can stay when money is good and bills are paid and no drama but will it be that way when your both broke and both lost your jobs and everything seems to be going wrong? That’s when the staying power comes in. Staying and working through the hard times without turning on your partner I think is a true sign of a soulmate . It’s just my opinion but I’ve always thought the right one will be the one that stays. 🙂

  8. Peter Ebert

    Peter I’d like for you to read this. Do you feel that I’m your soulmate?? I feel very close to you, and believe you are my soulmate. I think we were meant to be. I Love You !!! Lynne


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