Your Weekly Money Horoscope for November 18 – 24, 2013

Supercharge Your Money and Career Path

Following last week’s inspiring Full Moon in Taurus (whose energy is still present), this week’s money horoscope brings the Sun to Sagittarius and the lighter side of life. It’s a combination of energy that leads to appreciation for the smaller, more important things in life. It encourages you to honor your core energy and to not allow yourself to get sucked up in any all-consuming energy, negative or otherwise.

Just drop everything for a few minutes and go for a walk outside. Doing something that simple will have a real impact on your psyche and give you a fresh perspective on all of the other parts of your life, money issues included.

Meanwhile, Mercury, Mars and other planets encourage us all to work on making good financial choices in the present and future. Don’t finalize anything this week though because Sunday is a good day to get outside and let the ideas marinate while you enjoy nature.


Whether or not your household income has experienced a recent boost, you know how to maintain life on a budget while keeping an eye on the future, and you do it flawlessly.


You get a boost of energy over the weekend and take your chores on by storm. Make a list and tackle basic and holiday shopping. You’re sure to find surprising bargains.


This week’s money horoscope reminds you to incorporate a feel-good routine in your life in order to even out your energy. Making money isn’t the only thing that fuels your engine.

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You’re just about done with worrying about yesterday. Your eyes are on your financial future—the key to which is in your current situation. Be inspired.


If you’ve come into some extra cash lately, you’ll have to work hard to keep Mars at bay and keep yourself from spending. Continue taking stock in life’s little pleasures.


Your success-minded ideas are itching for action, but if you’re already doing okay financially, they can wait a week or two. Let them grow.


The recent Full Moon’s energy still abounds in your house of shared resources and other people’s money. Let friends offer advice. They may have valuable information.


The Sagittarius Sun shines on your house of finances mid-week and your money horoscope shines on making money. Avoid the temptation to overspend.


As the sun moves into your sign, you start to feel like it’s your time, and it is. Your week should be about enjoying work and the outside world with equal abandon.


You should be proud of the way you juggle your schedule—keeping everyone happy while getting the bills paid. No one can find organization in chaos like a Capricorn.

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Your money horoscope suggests that you use these last few weeks of Mars in Virgo to aggressively add to your household savings.


Your money horoscope suggests that socializing and networking is good for your financial future. Just don’t get carried away.

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  1. LJ

    Hey Veronica – Aries are good people! I personally love cardinal-sign people – we start the seasons! Others may or may not agree with me but Scorpio/Aries couples are hot stuff. But, you’re obviously not single, so I’m not advising that you go out and look for a Scorp or anyone else. If you want one door to open, you have to close the door behind you first – finish what isn’t working before you move on to something else that also may not work. Try a little open communication and maybe fix what you already have if you love him. Decide either way and run with it girl! Best of luck.

  2. LJ

    Dear Quinn: That’s funny, I have a favorite weekly column on here – it comes every weekend … it’s written really well and it’s always on point! Thanks girl.
    xo ~LJ

  3. veronica

    aries are good people but some how we love the wrong people I find it hard to find my mate does anyone no what really work’s we don’t like cheater’s but we do love strong and long I got a Sagittarius now as my mate hard working good around my kid’s but he lie’s all the time about we’re and what he’s doing I see this as going no we’re he say’s all the wrong thing’s not once has he came home with anything good some times he will tell me he love me that’s hard because I no there is better some were but I do hold love for him help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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