Your Weekly Career Horoscope for April 29 – May 5, 2013

This Week in Work

The week begins with a fresh look at businesses and leaders around the world. You are part of this transformation from the old to new offerings that are beautiful and fulfilling. Luxury and sexy relaxation rule this week after a time of dizzying activity. Some are saying, “It’s about time!” and others are frisky and wanting more action. You’ll have your special times this week.


You walk into massive changes in you career on Monday. You’re ready for a change and your image is transforming this week, so charge ahead as soon as you’re career trajectory is clear. If you pay attention to your finances, you could really enjoy some special gifts and other benefits.


You are the person who can make the massive changes in the workplace feel wonderful to everyone around you. Your generous, kind promotion of others will make many people happy, mid-week. The end of the week brings lovely, gentle feelings and social activities that benefit your dreams.


Investments or even the adoring demands of partners may be overwhelming you at the beginning of the week. Your multi-tasking tools will serve you well. Just avoid texting in the middle of your lover’s passionate expression! By Wednesday you are totally on your game and dazzle others with your brilliance and agility at managing masses of information.


Your partner’s intensity at the beginning of the week may be really distracting, but hold steady and you’ll be able to manage it all by Wednesday. Friday is the time to use your empathy with others. You will not only help them along but also develop what you sense into some lucrative services or products in the near future.

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The workplace won’t be dull at the beginning of the week. Changes can be really beneficial to your ambitions if you pay attention to what people are telling you that they desire so deeply. Even though you are usually the star in the work environment, use this week to really absorb others’ thoughts, fears and dreams and you’ll begin the next workweek well-armed and irresistible.

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Hooray, Virgo! Your time has finally come after so much effort on your part. Monday and Tuesday are great days to really find others’ emotional centers and speak to them in a way that boosts your career efforts. Your mind returns to lovers and others by Friday, and you’ve earned the right to focus on this area of your life. Romance, gorgeous music and films could brighten your weekend.


While your lover has finally calmed down and stopped “bouncing off walls,” your work week begins with a lot to handle at home. You need to keep that legendary Libra balance during this week because if you do, you’re approaching a really excellent time for your ambitions and your image. In fact, you’ll have a taste of your future success on Wednesday and Thursday, so pay attention and stick with it.


The intensity of communications during the beginning of the week will even be exceptional for you, Scorpio. Partners are full of energy and may even seem a bit demanding. You are tough, Scorpio and you’ll manage it like the master of all challenges that you are. This weekend could be great for travel. The inspiration you find there could really serve your efforts.


“Money, money, money” will be the mantra at work at the beginning of the week. Keep your eye on what you want to accomplish and by mid-week, others will finally be hearing the advantages of your great, new ideas. You really are on the right track and others could be quite complimentary, even generous, in the workplace regarding what you’ve been up to.

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Others will be open to your creative ideas on April 29 or 30. Just appeal to them emotionally while you communicate all the benefits your changes can offer. Accomplish this and you’re on the way to success. Attend to financial demands mid-week and you’ll be hearing positive comments by Friday.


If you keep your focus on your image at work, you will show how well you maintain so much in so little time on Monday and Tuesday. Everyone will be more open to how valuable you are by mid-week. Listen to a parent or someone else at home for a little guidance in reaching others this week and you can take their ideas to the bank.


Use the intensity and passion of friends at the beginning of the week to fuel your communications. You’ll be bringing your favorite creative efforts into form thanks to this energy. Keep working on those projects and you’ll be able to shine in what you’ve produced by the end of the week.

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