Weekend Horoscope: Wistful Romance

An Element of Fantasy

Mercury and Venus aligned with stationary Neptune make you wistful about romance and will have you looking at life through rose-colored glasses. Enjoy this weekend’s super dreamy and romantic vibe, but know that there is an element of fantasy at play and that not everything is what it seems. Here is your Weekend Horoscope.

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You might feel apprehensive about being in the spotlight, especially if you are called upon to discuss a subject that you don’t understand. Just smile and do your best to make a good impression. Later on you can take time to figure out what you need to know.


Your Weekend Horoscope reveals that you might feel drawn to spending time with friends who share your creative or spiritual interests. One of your pals might be prone to stretching the truth. Take it with a grain of salt, Taurus. No need to question the friendship over a little white lie.


You are definitely in the mood for love. However, a weird conversation with your mate or love interest could give the wrong impression about your intentions. Or you might feel that he or she is leading you astray. Don’t ignore your intuition if it is telling you that something is wrong.


It is easy to fall for someone when you feel that there is a spiritual connection between you or that you were fated to meet. However, you should be careful that you aren’t trying to justify forcing a square peg into a round hole. Is this person really the right fit?


You go all out when it comes to romance, but sometimes your pillow talk leaves something to be desired. Your Weekend Horoscope reveals that you’ll get more mileage out of making yourself useful, so why not offer to take out the trash or to help with household chores?


Don’t ruin a super romantic vibe by sharing weird stories about your family or childhood. It might be too soon to reveal personal information. Or it could be more than your mate or date really wants to know. Exercise your discretion when it comes to revealing private matters.


Your Weekend Horoscope reveals that you probably have no idea what you’re talking about. Whether you are a bit mixed up or deliberately attempting to lead someone astray, you should be careful about what you say. Try to enjoy a romantic evening in without getting into a strange or confusing conversation.


Your words sure sound pretty sweet, but you should be careful not to make promises you can’t keep. It can be tempting to tell your love interest what he or she wants to hear. It might make things easier now, but it will only lead to trouble in the future.


Family matters are a bit muddled, so be careful not to speak out of turn. Spending money to spruce up your space or to do something nice for a loved one will help to take the edge off. Shopping won’t solve your problems, but it will make them easier to bear.


Even though you are looking your best, you might still feel insecure and question your desirability. A past disappointment might be undermining your self-confidence. Or you might fear that you are misreading someone’s level of interest. Pay attention to your intuition, but don’t allow paranoia to exaggerate your fears.


Love, money (or values) and secrets make for a bad mix. Be careful if you are investing in a situation that won’t provide the return you are expecting. The signs are all there, but perhaps you are only seeing what you want to see. Don’t set yourself up for disappointment.


Your Weekend Horoscope indicates that you could make the wrong impression if you lie or make yourself out to be someone you are not. Are you trying to impress a friend or perhaps just want to keep up with The Joneses? Be real, Pisces. Don’t fall prey to your own hype.

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