Your Weekend Horoscope: Review and Redo

A Push and Pull Effect

Retrograde Venus in sync with sexy Mars and clashing with responsible Saturn gives a push-pull effect to romance. You feel inspired to act on your affection, yet mitigating circumstances could make your move ill-timed. Venus in retrograde invites you to review and redo before moving forward. Here is your Weekend Horoscope!

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If you and your love interest aren’t on the same page about your values and beliefs, then your relationship could be short-lived. However, if you are single and want a serious commitment, look for a partner whose views on money, religion, and politics are in sync with your own.


Your Weekend Horoscope reveals that a growing affection and attraction between you and a friend could inspire one of you to make a move. You should consider the potential effects on your social circle before you cross a line. Not everyone will support you and it behooves you to find out why.


Your desire to move things forward with a relationship could prompt an attention-getting move. Instead of striking the right note, your performance could make your romantic interest feel pressured. Pay attention to the signals that he or she is sending out. Don’t push ahead unless you get a green light.


You may feel inspired to introduce your love interest to your spiritual, political, or cultural community, although it could be problematic if he or she doesn’t understand or support your ideals. You just want him or her to be part of the gang, but when it comes to important matters, it gets complicated.


Your Weekend Horoscope shows that you might be looking to sex to solve a romantic problem. However, your significant other might not be in the mood if he or she feels that you have a hidden agenda. Put intimacy in the proper perspective. It will certainly enhance love, but it won’t create it.


Coupled Virgos will crave quality time with their mate, while singles just want to meet their match. In both cases, domestic responsibilities could prevent you from devoting time and energy to partnership. Consider the bigger picture and how to manage things differently in the future. But for now, duty calls.


Your current outlook on romance and relationships is down-to-earth and your needs are pretty practical. The problem is that you could find it difficult to express your desires to your love interest. Your romantic life may stall until you cultivate the confidence to ask for what you want.


You want to impress your date or mate with a pricey gift or a special evening on the town, but you could totally blow your budget in the process. A generous display of affection could certainly prove to be a more worthwhile gesture. Therefore, you should save the splurge for a special occasion.


Unless your love interest wants to help out with chores or another important task, you might not be all that into hanging out. You won’t want to feel pressured to get romantic when there are more important things on your mind. Be honest about your priorities, but don’t forsake love altogether.

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Insecurity and fear can make it challenging to have a romantic connection. If you are too much in your head, you could miss out on a chance for love. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself to say or do the right thing. Just be yourself and allow room for something special to happen.


You won’t mind spending money to make your home more beautiful—especially your bedroom. It may seem like making improvements on the outside will help bolster your feelings of self-worth. You will feel more desirable when you are surrounded by beauty, but self-confidence is ultimately an inside job.

You talk a good game, but you might be feeling too insecure to put yourself in a vulnerable position. You might not be ready to meet someone you’ve met online. Or, you might not be ready to act on your feelings. There’s no hurry, Pisces. Take your time.

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