Weekend Horoscope: A Feel-Good, Fresh Start

Great Harmony and Beauty

The New Moon, in refined and sociable Libra, joins with benevolent Jupiter and receives support from disciplined Saturn empowering you to make a feel-good, fresh start. This energy celebrates love, beauty, and the arts. Your horoscope will reveal the area of your life that will benefit from greater harmony and beauty during this upcoming Moon cycle. Here is your Weekend Horoscope.

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Committed relationships will benefit most from this blissful New Moon energy. In both business and pleasure, this is an ideal time to sign on the dotted line and make your connection official. Single Aries could meet someone who is relationship ready. Look to your school or place of worship to meet your mate.


This Moon cycle could bring improved working conditions at your current job or a new opportunity altogether. If you are looking for employment, now is the time to give it your all. Your Weekend Horoscope indicates that an older person might be able to help you in your search.


The mood is right for a fun and romantic date. Your playful vibe will not only entertain your significant other, but also make him or her consider getting more serious. You get a positive response when people feel uplifted by being in your company. Single Geminis will be noticed for their upbeat vibe.


The New Moon brings big-time blessings to your home and family. This is an ideal time to redecorate, purchase home furnishings, or make plans to move into a bigger home. Your warm and welcoming vibe will make it pleasurable to entertain and to spend time with loved ones.


Communication will be your superpower thanks to the New Moon igniting your speech and intellect. If you have a story that you would like to share with the world or just the people in your immediate environment, you can get your message across with flair and make a lasting impact.


Your Weekend Horoscope shows that the New Moon could bring a substantial financial blessing your way. Be on the lookout for opportunities to increase your income, but be careful not to squander what you have gained by increasing your spending. In your case, more money could create more problems.


The New Moon in your sign brings blessings for personal growth and empowers you to set new goals for the year that begins with your birthday. This energy is all about you, so you should give serious thought to your priorities and what you would like to manifest in your life.


This harmonious New Moon encourages you to cultivate inner peace. Taking time out to rest, recharge, and reflect upon the wins and losses of the past year will help you put things into perspective. Meditation, prayer, or quiet contemplation will help you to determine how to move things forward.


The New Moon joined with your ruler, Jupiter, gives you a chance to widen your social circle. You could meet interesting people who hail from a wide variety of backgrounds. Be on the lookout for someone with whom you feel a special bond, as this could lead to a long-lasting friendship.


Your Weekend Horoscope shows your reputation and public profile receiving a boost from the New Moon. If people in your community or professional world don’t know who you are yet, they will after this weekend. How can you make the most of your visibility to make a secret dream come true?


You will find it hard to resist the call to adventure. Forget about your usual routine and make plans to do something different. An overnight trip or a day journey to an interesting destination will be exciting. Spending time outdoors will also be fun. Invite an adventurous sidekick along for the ride.


Your sex appeal is off the charts, so you might want to make intimate playtime a priority. Both emotionally and sexually, you can connect with your partner in a deeper way. Single Pisces should definitely get out and socialize. Your warmth and enthusiasm will enhance your innate powers of attraction.

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