Psychic Stevie: The Benefits of Being Read by a Clairvoyant

A Clairvoyant Sees All

We’d like to introduce you to Psychic Stevie ext. 5778! She’s a talented clairvoyant who has the amazing ability to “see” energies and pinpoint potential pitfalls. We sat down with her and asked her a few questions about life as a clairvoyant and how a clairvoyant reading can be beneficial to anyone. We certainly hope you enjoy her insights!

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1.What does it mean to be clairvoyant?

Being clairvoyant means having the ability of Clear (clair) Vision (voyance). I’m able to see the energies around my client, as well as anyone my client is asking about. This allows me to experience what they’ve gone through, what feelings they share, their outlooks on life, as well as other characteristics about them.

2. What are some assumptions people make about your clairvoyance?

There are two things people assume about me when they learn that I’m clairvoyant:

A. I “read” everyone I encounter. While it’s true that I may have a better sense of what’s going on in the room, I generally stay out of other people’s energy, unless invited. Sometimes it’s fun to watch people freak out a little when they discover what I do for a living.

B. My life must be easy since I am able to “see” things. I certainly don’t know a psychic out there who would say this is true. Of course, when I slow down, meditate and trust my inner guidance, I can determine the path to take. But just like anyone else, I have my fears and doubts, which sometimes scream louder than my inner guidance, so I call my psychic for those situations. When we’re in fear, worry, and doubt, it can sometimes be challenging to hear the guidance because we’re deep in the trenches of an emotionally crazy time. In addition to not being able to read myself, I can’t read my children either. I can get a good hit on certain things, but sometimes my mamma bear comes out and she can’t see her children’s faults so clearly!

3. What are the benefits of reading with a clairvoyant?

There are so many benefits to reading with a clairvoyant. There truly are no limits. Clairvoyants are able to:

A. Pinpoint potential problems and gently show you different alternatives to avoid those problems
B. Validate what you already know from your own intuition or inner guidance
C. Find out what others are feeling and also what their behavior means
D. Help you come to terms with your past traumas
E. Help you discover and also clarify what may be causing your anxiety or depression
F. Help you discover your own psychic gifts

And so much more….

4. How are clairvoyant readings different from other types of psychic readings?

I think all types of psychic readings are beneficial, but what makes a clairvoyant reading special is the clairvoyant’s ability to actually see people and events play out as if they were happening in real time. The images I receive are so vivid and they help me share:

A. Relationship dynamics—romantic, family, friends and colleagues
B. Reassurances and comforting messages of hope
C. Validation that you’re on the right spiritual path
D. The first steps of the healing process

We’d like to thank Psychic Stevie for her insights, and look forward to hearing all the positive feedback from her enlightened callers.

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13 thoughts on “Psychic Stevie: The Benefits of Being Read by a Clairvoyant

  1. Steve

    Stevie, thanks for the really good reading tonight! A little different than all the others but basically confirms my hopeless situation 🙁 I appreciate your time

  2. Steve

    Stevie, Thank you for the response! 🙂 I really appreciate it. Unfortunately not too helpful because I am Extremely 100% open regarding my situation but I definitely don’t know if I am “aligned with the energy” as you say. I have no idea. Maybe something has been preventing this for almost 2 years now and I don’t know what it is. 🙁

  3. Glenn

    Thx, Stevie. A great reading, i got answers on past / present events in my life i was never informed about. I feel, I’ve finally got closure on some things that was haunting me for years. I can now move on 100% w/my life w/out doubt or worry. I habitually, carry the world on my shoulders, so its a relief to let that huge ball go & live my life w/out anxiety. What a relief & great reading. I recommend Stevie.

  4. Steve

    Excellent Article and Great Information! Thank you for this. Psychic Stevie – I have never read with you. Question – I have read with 10 to 15 of the best clairvoyants here in a period of a year and a half. They all say virtually the same thing regarding my topic/situation. Is it possible that they are all wrong and all seeing something that is incorrect? In that case, Clear Vision would not be CLEAR at all? What do you think? Thanks!

    1. Stevie

      Hi Steve! Thank you for your kind words. In regards to your question, I cannot speak for the clairvoyants you have spoken to. However, I can say this. While a reading offers you information, you ultimately have free will AND you need to be aligned with the energy to allow things to come in for you. In my experience, I have had readings with my psychics and hear the same thing and feel frustrated that things are not coming to me as they are predicting.

      But when I really look at:

      how I had been feeling
      what I had been doing
      how open I was
      how high, or low, I was vibrating

      I could see where it was ME blocking it, out of doubt, fear or anxiety. The psychics say again the same thing, so I know it is something that is meant to come to me, but I need align my energy with the desire for the messages being given.

      I hope that helps!

      — Stevie 🙂

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