Your Weekend Horoscope: Establishing Order

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The Sun in security-conscious Cancer quintile Jupiter in perfectionist Virgo employs wisdom, morality, and broadmindedness to solve problems. This energy asks you to establish order, but in the most creative and enlightening way possible. Where do you need to expand your definition of security instead of being constrained by rules or routine?

A positive shift in your employment situation can enhance your domestic happiness. Improvements in your daily routine such as better hours or conditions or improved relations with coworkers will contribute to your peace of mind. All it takes is one small tweak to set improvements into motion. Where can you make a change?

Your weekend horoscope reveals that artistic activities can provide an outlet for self-expression. How can you expand upon what you know and express your creative know-how in a new way? Similarly, a more enlightened approach to romance can improve your love life. Start by breaking free from routine.

You have been pretty focused on improving your home life and this is still a big priority. If plans have stalled or you feel uninspired, try letting go of what you think your domestic picture should look like and be receptive to ideas and inspiration that life is bringing your way.

Your communication with others improves when you actually listen to what people are saying and respond to what is happening in the moment instead of just waiting for an opening to express your agenda or rehash the past. Dropping the script and being present for what’s happening now can be life-changing.

Your weekend horoscope shows financial improvement, but if you have yet to see a boost don’t lose heart. Circumstances might be preventing you from taking action now. However, you can still organize things from behind the scenes, so that you will be ready to jump when your window of opportunity opens.

You are at your best when you spend time amongst people who appreciate you and support you in developing your unique gifts. These interactions can help you to recognize more of what you have to offer and can challenge you to expand your definition of who you are. Connect with your tribe!

Unearthing buried talents and polishing them to perfection gives you even more strengths to support your career success. What latent abilities have you yet to develop? Pay attention to your dreams and waking insights, as they can provide valuable clues regarding gifts that you might be currently unaware of.

Interactions with a group that shares your interests or just hanging with friends can be enlightening, especially when you allow others to turn you on to information or activities that teach you something new and expand your perspective. You don’t know what you don’t know. Keep an open mind.

Bringing more intensity to a career or community project can be helpful. Why dim your shine? Your commitment and strong sense of purpose can be inspiring and could set an example that others will be eager to follow. Be on the lookout for new ways to move your ideas forward.

Your weekend horoscope indicates that your knowledge increases when you share an enlightening activity with your mate, a close friend, or colleague. Your shared experience will provide greater mutual insights that improve your relationship and help you both to grow. Why not drop your usual routine and try something different?

Your willingness to approach a work-related task in a more creative way could help to elicit the support that will enable you to get the job done. Be on the lookout for someone who can provide a helpful alternative. You don’t always have to do everything on your own.

When it comes to romance and relationships, you are definitely in the zone. An existing relationship can grow stronger and new alliances can be formed when you expand your definition of what a relationship can look like and open your heart to experiencing something new. Be authentic and others will follow suit.

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