Top Ways For Singles to Feel the Love at Weddings

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If there’s ever been a time in my life when I’ve been hyper-aware of my relationship status, it has been at weddings. The entire day is devoted to celebrating love. Even couples who aren’t tying the knot seem to be a little more in love than usual. But then, there’s the singles table. It’s enough to make you want to avoid the celebration at all costs, even if you’re excited to support the bride and groom.

As wedding season begins, I encourage you to reframe these frustrations and own the dance floor. Because you, my single friend, can absolutely have the best time relishing in your independence.

Do your research

Do you have other friends attending? Are any of them single? A quick group message with your unattached friends could lead to a group date, making you feel less alone. You might even be able to save money by sharing a hotel room with an old buddy, and who doesn’t like reunions with long-time friends you’ve lost touch with?

Once you know who you can pal around with (or not), it’s also smart to ask the bride and groom about other unattached guests. Let’s be real, couples love playing matchmaker, and they can give you insights about anyone that’s eligible.

Even if you’re not interested in a love connection, these friends can tell you exactly who to hang out with (for those moments you won’t have friends and family there to chat with).

Channel your inner extrovert

In many instances, people arriving to the wedding (especially if it’s a destination or out-of-town event) will hang out beforehand. The hotel bar and pool are great examples of places to meet up with other attendees. If you talk to people before the ceremony, you’ll have someone to chat with at the event, too. Here are a few more opportunities to connect with new and old friends:

  •   Make friends at the rehearsal dinner if  you’re invited
  •   Search for the singletons the bride and groom previously recommended
  •   Chat with members of the wedding party (they’ve probably been busy running around and want to chat about anything unrelated to the wedding. Plus, the bridesmaids are almost always the crew that’s on the dance floor at the reception.)

Then, on the day of the wedding you can be certain you’ll be surrounded by people. The best group to chat with? The people at your table! If they’ve assigned seating, you’re probably surrounded by other singles. Consider this your chance to get to know them without expectation, especially when dinner is served. In a way, it’s almost like speed-dating, isn’t it? Make it a game for yourself and see how many people at your table you can get to know before the caterers come take your plate.

Although attending weddings without a date can seem daunting, the actual event will be what you make of it. Putting yourself out there might feel uncomfortable, but it can’t be worse than sitting at your table solo all night, right?

If you’re still unsure of how to proceed, I highly recommend a reading with a psychic. We can help you navigate what may go wrong, if there will be anyone of interest there for you to inquire about, and help you based on your personality figure out the best approach so you don’t wish you skipped out on the celebration.

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  1. GM

    If you really want singles to not feel out of place at your wedding then invite their significant others. Back in the day, when a friend was getting married, I wouldn’t go to their wedding if my boyfriend wasn’t invited too. You know what they say. Love me, love my dog.


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