Your Weekend Horoscope: Demolish and Rebuild

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Large-Scale Transformation and Growth

Blessings-bringer Jupiter aligned with the North Node and regenerative Pluto encourages large-scale transformation and growth. What is the thing that you want to demolish and rebuild from the ground up? Check out your Weekend Horoscope to discover where and how to use this energy to make it happen.

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Your work life, and especially your reputation, will benefit most from your efforts to reform. Putting in extra hours or doing more than is expected of you can help to transform the way in which you are perceived by your superiors. Do what you have to do to earn their respect.

Your beliefs are ready to be overhauled. Throw out ideologies that have outgrown their usefulness and seek out new teachings that resonate for you and reflect the new direction in which you would like to grow. You don’t need to stay stuck in the mud. Exercise the freedom to change your mind.

Your Weekend Horoscope indicates that you could benefit from changing your attitude about sex. Look to your family or your upbringing for wisdom that can help you grow. It isn’t necessarily about embracing old-fashioned values, but seeking out timeless truths that are relevant for you today.

Your important one-on-one relationships can be transformed through more open communication. It might sound simple, but it’s not just about talking more, but investing time and effort into getting to the root of problems and discussing the things that really matter most. Are you ready for full disclosure?

Your desire to make more money motivates you to do a thorough inventory of your work skills. Determine which of your abilities are no longer up to par and map out a strategy to upgrade your skill set. The stronger your talents, the better your chances of increasing your income.

Your Weekend Horoscope reveals that your optimism and positive vibe provide the momentum needed to tackle problems in your love life. Discard ways of dating and relating that have become outdated. Reset your romance game by cultivating the confidence and determination to go after what (or who) you really want.

Secret helpers are standing by to assist you in making major changes in your home life. You might contemplate plans to renovate your home or to build a house from the ground up. Certain family relationships could also benefit from an overhaul. Have faith that matters will work out in your favor.

Your words pack a serious punch. Examine how the ways in which you communicate impact the people around you. Learning how to communicate in a more conscious fashion will help to improve your relationships. It’s not just what you say, but the energy behind your words that makes an impact.

Your Weekend Horoscope reveals that new opportunities are coming. Advancing your career can provide the funds needed to overhaul your finances. And while it will be tempting to spend more, using extra cash to pay off debts will reestablish balance and help to make things more secure over the long run.

You are not immune to abusing your power. Just because you have it, it doesn’t mean you always need to throw your weight around. Contemplate the higher purpose of your blessings and find ways to use them to bring about more positivity in the world. Be a powerful force for good.

Obsessing over worst-case scenarios drains you of energy. Flip the script and cultivate faith that forces are secretly working for you rather than against you. Worry is praying for something that you don’t want. Isn’t it time that you used your energy to feed your dreams instead of your nightmares?

It might be time to weed out a friend who has become too controlling. You need pals who use their power to support you rather than trying to manipulate or take you down. Be on the lookout for potential friends who are using their energy in a way that empowers everyone around them.

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