Psychic Success Story: A Lying Boyfriend Revealed

lying boyfriend

He Wasn’t Really From London

In the eight-and-a-half years I have been reading for California Psychics, love is still the main topic of most of my calls. I have had many success stories over the years, but I am drawn to this one in particular. It involves my client, Gladys, whom I met in my early days as California Psychics reader. Gladys was going through a major life change—she just got a divorce and was starting to date again. But she was feeling trepidatious because of her physical appearance. She had gained some weight and dating again after so many years made her feel like a fish out of water. Would she ever find a boyfriend?

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She Was Worried About Her Weight
Gladys forced herself to join a dating website. For her, it was like sticking her toe in the water without jumping in. And then Gladys met someone. That’s when she called me. She was worried that this man would find her unappealing because of her weight. I tapped into their connection and saw that her weight would not be an issue for him.

She Was Worried About the Distance Between Them
Then Gladys mentioned that he lived far away in London. At first she liked the idea of being in a long-distance relationship with a boyfriend, but now she was concerned about it. How could they be together if he was thousands of miles away? I saw that the physical distance between them was also not an issue.

I Saw That Her Boyfriend Was Lying to Her
The more I read with Gladys, the clearer things became. They had this highly charged, synchronistic love connection through their emails but something just felt off to me. Then it hit me! This man was lying to her about something. As I dug deeper, I realized that her boyfriend was lying to her about who was and what he did. He told her that he was a contractor, living and working in London, but it truth, he was living and working in his native Ghana. Gladys was shocked, and unable to confirm what I had said, she abruptly ended the call.

They Actually Got Closer
Gladys called me back later to tell me that I had been right! She confronted her boyfriend and he confessed that he had been lying to her. What happened next was really interesting. Instead of ending their communication, Gladys and the gentleman in Ghana got closer. He became open and honest with her as they discussed why he felt the need to lie. Despite their rocky start, I saw that this man could bring love to Gladys’ life again. He would teach her to love herself. They still communicate and Gladys’ experience with him led her to write a book.

When Looking for Love, You May Find Friendship
Not every connection you make with another person is meant to be a love connection and sometimes great relationships have rocky beginnings. And when looking for love, you may find friendship instead. But that’s okay! Gladys stills calls me once in awhile to check in and she’s doing well—she’s feeling much better about herself and her “flaws.”

Navigating the Tricky Waters
As one of the love psychics at California Psychics, my job is to help you find your perfect love, but remember that it’s a process and you may not get it right the first time. Whether it’s my encouragement that gets you out in the dating world again, or a relationship reading that exposes the truths and lies about your partner, I am here to help. Let me ignite your love light and help you navigate the tricky waters of love.

Love, Light, and Sun-Kissed Summer Blessings.

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    I really enjoyed reading this, Abigail. Thanks so much for sharing. I always enjoy your blogs.
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  2. Bridget

    I text my friend guy after 7 days of not hearing from hom long distance relationship between us. He’s on a fast to be pure.I confused should I move forward or keep holding on to hope.I believe he like me. I need him to open up to me


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