Understanding the Male Brain: A Guide for Women

A Guide for Women

Is His Brain Really Different From Yours?

Over the years we have been told by researchers that men covet sex more than food. We’ve also been told that men’s brains are biologically built to cheat on their partners and that they have a much more difficult time expressing their emotions after being caught. However, recent research has put a lot of these biases to rest, suggesting that men’s and women’s brains are really not as different as we were once led to believe. Instead, the biggest differences between men and women could be what we “think” we know about each other, rather than what is actually true.

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Fundamentally, We are the Same

Men and women have the same equipment to work with, including a majority of the same hormones, grey matter and sexual desires. So if you seek to understand the male brain, a good starting point would be to look within yourself to answer many of the most common male mysteries, including the three most mysterious below.

Why Do Men Need More Sex?

Like women, men are insecure. The media may harp on female insecurities more, but the truth is, men are just as vulnerable. Some men think love and sex go hand in hand, and they may be better at expression their love physically, rather than emotionally. Also, sex makes them feel desired. But men and women really aren’t that different. They both want to feel desired, respected and understood. And for both men and women, sex is an intimate bond that strengthens a relationship. So, why not have more of it?

Why Do Men Struggle With Romance?

If you often compare your man to the guy in the latest romantic comedy, he certainly has a lot to live up to. They can’t all be Hugh Grant or Ryan Gosling! However, if you could read you guy’s thoughts you would discover that he is actually quite gushy when it comes to his love for you, his thoughts on unity, intimacy and adoration. If you feel like your guy is struggling with romantic expression, praise him every time you get a glimpse of it. With your encouragement, he will show his romantic side more often.

Why Don’t Men Want What Women Want in Relationships?

Everyone views relationships differently, but that’s because we are unique individuals with unique perspectives and experiences. Both men and women desire love, excitement and kindness in their relationships, even if they don’t believe in going about it the same way. To make things a bit easier in your relationship, focus on the end goal rather than on how to get there.

9 thoughts on “Understanding the Male Brain: A Guide for Women

  1. Jill

    LOL, it seems like you guys are infusing your responses with negative personal experiences. All the article is saying is that men and women are fundamentally the same. They want intimacy, security and connection. The difference is that they may go about getting what they want in a different way. Or, what they want could be motivated by different things. This article doesn’t make women out to be superior, or men inferior. It just sharing the OPINION that men and women aren’t as different as we think they are.

  2. Deen

    What a Load!
    Why do so many articles make women out to be above or superior?
    Men, woman are the same, people are people. We all have shortcomings.

    Let’s work on that, as oppose to the other stuff

  3. Nick

    Wish my ex read this we may still e together. She never gave me any encouragement (below), I didn’t know how to give romantic expression., there is no guide book when growing up as to how to make a relationship work. Plus felt she never had my back.. very critical of my decisions. Glad we broke up, looking again after 10mo’s but it is hard to open up , difficult to trust; love to make love but hard to develop a new relationship. In a way i am experiencing the love, sex and safety issue you mention.
    This article helps.

    ” If you feel like your guy is struggling with romantic expression, praise him every time you get a glimpse of it. With your encouragement, he will show his romantic side more often.”

  4. GM

    Meantime two great mysteries remain unsolved. Why can’t men ask for directions? And why must they change the TV channel every 5 seconds?

  5. phillip9485Phillip 9485

    We know that women have more neural connections between the hemispheres of the brain than men do. A couple of decades ago experiments were performed where the brain activity of men and women were monitored during communication exercises. The result was that not only do men not communicate better than women, it is surprising that men can communicate at all. The primary commonalities between men and women concerning relationships are: love, sex and safety, and not necessarily in that order. The differences come into play when we define these three topics and THAT is very subjective.


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