Your Weekend Horoscope: An Accelerating Pace

Juggling Tasks

It might feel like the pace of your daily life is accelerating as the Sun moves into clever Gemini. You will find yourself juggling several important tasks at once and engaging in constant communication. It sounds hectic, but you can learn a lot and can make important connections. Here is your Weekend Horoscope!

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Finalize important money matters on Friday. During the weekend you will have more interesting negotiations to deal with. Be on the lookout for opportunities to make important contacts. Keep your phone charger handy because there will be a lot to talk about and your phone will be ringing nonstop!


Your birthday season is winding down. Grant yourself one final indulgence before getting back to business. Consider your financial goals and the changes you need to make to meet your mark. Money is a huge motivator for you, and you will certainly be more productive when you know what you are working to achieve.


You are emerging from hibernation and getting ready to face the world anew. However, you should dust yourself off before you make your debut. This is a great time to get a haircut or fresh color. Update your wardrobe with a few key pieces that reflect the image you want to present.


Your Weekend Horoscope shows that a busy social season is drawing to a close. After so much running here and there, you will be ready to enjoy a more leisurely pace. Withdraw into your well-appointed shell and enjoy peaceful and solitary activities that will refresh you. Think meditation, massage, or yoga.


You have been in the spotlight for a while and that means constantly putting on a performance. However, you’ll be more relaxed as you step off the stage and spend more time with friends. You can look forward to more social engagements and friendly get-togethers this weekend and in the weeks ahead.


Your tank is full of knowledge and experience and you are ready to put it to the test. Get set to dazzle the movers and shakers in your world. People will be paying more attention to what you are saying and doing, so be strategic regarding what you present to the world.


Whew! Life has been pretty intense lately and you are ready to lighten the vibe. Your Weekend Horoscope suggests that you should plan an adventure. Therefore, take a spontaneous day or weekend trip to an interesting destination. Visit a museum or take a workshop. It will be refreshing to experience something different.


You want to deepen your connection with your significant other in a big way. There are new places you want to explore emotionally and sexually. However, if you’re single, you could attract someone who can handle your intensity. Make it your mission to go out and meet someone new.


A hectic work period is winding down and you are ready for a bit of pampering and attention from someone special. Therefore, you should spend time with your significant other or a close friend. It will feel good to connect with the person you feel closest to and participate in an activity you both enjoy.


Romance and fun have been priorities of late, but your Weekend Horoscope suggests you need to get back to business. Start by getting things organized both at home and at work. Your diet and fitness regimen could use a little tweaking too. You will be more productive when everything is in order.


Wrap up family activities and home-based projects so you can have more time for activities you enjoy. You will get more out of romance as well as your favorite pastimes when you aren’t distracted by chores left undone. A fun date, a crafty activity, or a sports event might be on the schedule.


You might be burnt out on social media and non-stop communication. Therefore, you should focus on old school face time with family and your innermost circle of friends. Plan a low-keyed gathering at your place. Cook your favorite foods, be with loved ones, and enjoy the comforts of home.

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  1. Sam

    Hello Krishni, thanks for the juggling tasks message. For me that’s the only way I survive, being an Aquarius at this age
    ….30s no boyfriend or even future husband, I spent a lot of time juggling tasks because am not happy with my situation


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