This Week in Mantras: May 20 – 26

The Power of Mantras

This week’s mantras focus on nature, healing, pride and more. Let’s jump into This Week in Mantras!

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May 20 ( Nature): “I admire nature and her beauty. This aligns me with the greater good.”

Go for a walk in the park, a botanical garden, or go hiking on a nature trail. When you do this, stop often and admire the natural beauty that Mother Earth seems to take care of with very little effort. Nature surrounds you, even in the modern concrete jungle. However, if you can’t get out for a walk, bring plants into your home, even if they are silk. Just adding the beauty will lift your spirits and spiritual vibrations.

May 21 (Pride): “By being accountable for my faults, I improve my own vibrations and raise the vibrations of the world.”

Sometimes you have to remember to be humble and admit when you have stumbled on your path. This is not a weakness, but it does help make you stronger. Everyone has heard the old saying, “Pride comes before a fall.” This means that when you allow your pride to get the better of you, you fall in the eyes of those you admire, those you love and those who love you. So remember to be humble in life. Those who show and give love will lift you up.

May 22 (Healing): “When I take care of my own spiritual healing, I help to heal the world.”

We always talk about ways to heal the world, but this is a day to work on your own spiritual healing. Take time and see yourself as a whole person, standing in your own power and feeling loved and loving. When you heal yourself, you open yourself up as a healing vessel for those you hold dear, and Mother Nature will add her natural healing energy to help you heal spiritually.

May 23 (Intuition): “When I listen to my intuition I am lead to where I am wanted and needed.”

Do you ever walk into a place and wonder why you’re there? What happened was your intuition guided you and you trusted it. When you listen to your intuition, and you trust it, it will lead you to where you’re meant to be. There will be no doubts. You will just know it in your bones. So trust that the Universe is guiding you for your own good.

May 24 (Love Partnership) : “I am open to allowing love into my life.”

The Universe knows that you want a loving partnership and that you are working on being the best person you can be. So trust that the Universe has your back. It’s there for you. But for now, be the loving partner you want for yourself. When you love yourself unconditionally you are able to have a loving partnership with others. And some of those partnerships aren’t going to be romantic. They could be friendships, family relationships, and coworker relationships.

May 25 (Communication): “When I speak my truth fearlessly, I open up the positive flow of positive energy in my life.”

Sometimes you find it hard to tell your true feelings to someone you really care about. But when you hold those thoughts in, you are actually not having clear communications. And you are opening the door to resentment down the road. You need to be able to speak your truth and allow those around you to speak their truths fearlessly with you. Only when you are being a clear channel for your true strength and love do you have clear and honest communications.

May 26 (Forgiveness): “I forgive the past hurts, pains and traumas, and in doing so, I open myself up to a better future.”

When you are able to forgive the past, you heal yourself, you clear your aura of pain, and you have more strength for the future. It is hard at times to forgive the past, but when you do, you gain a part of your lost soul back. You clear a chapter of your Akashic records and make room for more positive energy. Holding on to negative thoughts and hurts only works to block your flow of positive energy and blocks you manifestations.

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6 thoughts on “This Week in Mantras: May 20 – 26

  1. Quinn ext.5484Psychic -quinn

    Happy Monday Psychic Denisha,
    Love this one…May 22 (Healing): “When I take care of my own spiritual healing, I help to heal the world.”

    This is so powerful – I wish everyone understood how important it is to be good to yourself.
    Happy people are the core of happiness and happiness creates healing – and right about now the world needs it.


    1. Denisha

      My Guides were very adamant about me putting it that way too.

      Blessings be with you,

  2. Martha Peterson

    I love these Mantras! Please continue this one also. Along with the Weekly Tarot cards. Love you guys!!

    1. Denisha

      Martha Peterson,
      Glad you enjoy them. I love working with them and writing them.


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