Your Weekend Horoscope: The Heart of the Matter

The Heart of the Matter

Your Weekend Horoscope

Bold energies make for a dynamic and inspiring weekend! The Sun joined with assertive Mars in Gemini brings impactful communication that goes directly to the heart of the matter. Venus enters bold Leo and simultaneously aligns with stabilizing Saturn, allowing passions to become grounded and to establish a foundation for the future. Here is your Weekend Horoscope!

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The Sun joined with your ruler, Mars, makes you forceful and direct in your speech and this can be upsetting to others. Even if you happen to be right, it is a good idea to find a gentler way to communicate your thoughts and feelings. Not everyone can handle confrontation.


Your ruler, Venus, entering your domestic sector brings a desire to create beauty and harmony in your home environment. This is a great time to redecorate. A supportive aspect from Saturn indicates that the changes you make will be long-lasting, so you might want to go with something classic instead of trendy.


Your Weekend Horoscope reveals your sense of personal power and ambition increasing with the Sun and mighty Mars joined in your sign. If you know what you want to accomplish, have established an action plan, and are ready to move things forward, then your chances of success are pretty good!


With both the Sun and Mars in your house of seclusion, it is challenging to receive acknowledgement for what you are doing now. Despite your influence being temporarily subdued, you can however make progress with securing a work or financial matter that will serve you over the long run.


Your Weekend Horoscope indicates your social life being energized by a meeting between active Mars and your ruler, the Sun, in your house of friendship and group associations. This energy can make you extremely competitive. Direct this fighting spirit toward winning at fun and games rather than making it personal.


With the Sun, assertive Mars, and your ruler, Mercury, all joined in your professional sector, you are super focused on making progress toward achieving your career goals. This is a great time to share your intentions with an influential figure who possesses the power and know-how to help you get ahead.


A forever friendship may come into your life as your ruler, Venus, moves into your social sector and aligns with stabilizing Saturn. Your connections deepen and you are able to communicate with friends in a profound and meaningful way. One particular person is likely to stand out as someone whom you can rely upon.


The Sun and Mars in your house of intimacy make you aggressive and very competitive when it comes to sexual matters. The chase will give you tremendous pleasure, but you should consider how you will feel about the conquest if you succeed and how you will deal with things if you fail in your mission.


Your Weekend Horoscope shows you committing to a course of study or to the pursuit of an experience that you feel particularly passionate about. Your love for the matter at hand will allow you to tirelessly dedicate yourself to achieving the understanding that you seek. This will ultimately support your highest goals.


A positive alignment between Venus and your ruler, Saturn, provides the fortitude needed to tackle difficult emotional issues and put them to rest. You may even be able to transform a weakness into a strength. Your new-found stability will benefit your close, personal relationships and help them to grow.


A positive alignment between Venus entering your partnership sector and stabilizing Saturn in your house of long-term plans creates the ideal conditions to form a long-lasting commitment. Whether the relationship that you are focused on is personal or professional, there is potential for the connection to endure.


With the Sun and Mars joined in your domestic sector, there is likely to be considerable activity, and perhaps a little chaos, on the home front. There could be a constant flow of raucous activity or you may have to attend to repairs. You will need to go out if you want peace and quiet!

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