How a Psychic Helped a Woman Get Her Dream Job

Woman Gets Her Dream Job

What’s Keeping Your From Your Dream Job?

It was the middle of the year and I took a call from a well-spoken lady who wanted to know why her life was in such shambles. During the course of the conversation I quickly learned that she had been experiencing a very confusing period of life where nothing seemed to be going right. In her quest to find her dream job she had taken at least three jobs in the last 12 months and for various reasons they were the wrong fit or did not pan out the way she dreamed they would. So now she was questioning why and what was she doing to cause this.

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Astrology Sheds Some Light

We decided to look at the transiting planets in her astrology chart which would shed some light on the situation and help us understand where her life was heading. During the course of our conversation and consulting the astrology chart it was very clear, there were a number of endings, changes and transformations taking place. So this would require her to take control of her own destiny in a way maybe she did not feel ready for.

Fearful About Her Income

We looked at the areas of life that had changed in the last six months and how they had affected her decision making and this brought to light part of the problem: She was fearful of not being able to survive financially if she did not have a regular income. As a result of this fear, she was reacting to this situation by telling herself, “I will take any job offered to me and it will be fine.” I assure her that this is not an uncommon response. But by telling herself this, she was setting herself up for failure, because the jobs she was taking were not exactly what she felt comfortable with or the skills she had did not match. She was creating the conflict and stress she was feeling and it was keeping her from her dream job.

Undermining Her Confidence

The jobs were not satisfying and she was making mistakes, which then undermined her confidence to perform the tasks at hand. So she would leave the job after short time. Then she would take another job which was not suitable either. Now with the help and information coming through and working on her astrology, we discovered the next steps in the puzzle of the dream job dilemma.

Extra Training

We then looked at her skill set and discussed how she could best attract the dream job that was right for her. Armed with a positive outlook, she then enrolled in extra training to update her skills and give her an edge over other job seekers in the market. This also helped her overcome the barrier she had about her age in her chosen industry.

The Perfect Job

Later, she rang me again all excited to say she had landed the perfect job! She had found her path and true calling on the professional front. Now the readings I perform for her are about other areas of her life and the decisions she needs to make to keep her future looking bright.

Wondering when and how you’ll find the perfect job? Let’s look at your astrology and figure out your next steps together!

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10 thoughts on “How a Psychic Helped a Woman Get Her Dream Job

  1. Vania Hernandez

    Hi , Miss Goldie I have been dreaming of my dream job from the last 7 years, since I lost my job of 24 years and unfortunately I was not able to get a good job again, even though I went to college to try and get more skills to be able to compete with the new technology cause I want it a dream office job you know Government, federal or city job,a 9 to 5 permanent, well paid, and no more hard labor ,but I applied and tested for the various office assistant opportunities and I am so disappointed no body has given me the opportunity to work in an office, so any way can you tell me if there is a chance I can get my dream job and if so when, thank you for your prompt response, sincerely VANIA Hernandez.

  2. Psychic Goldie 6435

    Hi Susan It is always tough when we need to make decisions about our career. My suggestion would be follow your heart it is never wrong. I would be happy to connect with you and look to then stars to see what career we can glean from this ancient information. All will be revealed soon and you will find your direction

  3. Susan

    I have been a student all of my life and haven’t had a real career yet. It’s been tough for me to fit into a work place. I could find a decent paying job in my current field but do not feel that I will be happy so I decided to try to pursue another field that I feel would probably be a better fit for me. Either way the journey is tough and I hope that I will be able to reach my goal or find a path soon.

  4. Psychic Goldie 6435

    Hi Sancho Lanez
    There is lots of opportunity surrounding you I feel for the the future and new job prospects. It would be great to connect with you and discuss this further. You need to be more positive about your future and what lies ahead.

  5. Psychic Goldie 6435

    Hi S.abdul
    It is always hard to change jobs especially when you feel you don’t have the right skills. I feel you need t follow your heart more. Changes is every where surrounding you at this time. I would like the chance to look at your astrology chart to give you a clearer picture of your new life. Well done on buying the property, you must be so proud and you should be.

  6. Psychic Goldie 6435

    Hi Chrissie
    It can be very hard to turn our passion into a money making venture. Just keep at the dream, you never know when it might change for the better. I know you have worked hard all your life and been responsible and now it would be nice to be able to please your self. Astrology has always guided me personally when to take the leap of faith.

  7. Chrissi

    had that same trouble all my life- first it was taking jobs my father expected me to- I’d get bored and it apparently showed, so I’d be asked to leave- one year I had 18 different jobs- then it was wrong choices- either way none lasted- then I had my son, took jobs just to fill in time- but at 57 now, people will think twice about employing me and the only job I’ve enjoyed was jewellery making which started as a hobby, which doesn’t bring in enough income to do so fulltime as a job with the economy as it is

  8. s.abdul

    Very nice article that can bring hope to the carrier broken heart,Im in the same situation at the moment,working with Unskilled worker who want to supervise me!!
    !!! Sometimes I feel like resign and look for something else somewhere,But I m worrying because recently I bought a property that I will need flowing cash,otherwise the bank will
    come after my family,To make a dicision that will suit me and my family of five is a little bit
    difficulty,Is it a right time for me now?


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