Your Weekend Horoscope: Feelings vs. Logic

Your Weekend Horoscope: Feelings vs. Logic

Your Weekend Horoscope

Communication takes on a poetic tone as Mercury moves into mystical Pisces this weekend. Under this influence, feelings and impressions take precedence over more logical thinking. Declarations of love and other niceties are best expressed before Mercury squares stern Saturn on Sunday, as negative thinking and criticism could make it a challenge to get your point across. Here’s your Weekend Horoscope!

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Your reluctance to discuss certain matters could make someone think you don’t care. The truth of the matter is you believe that sensitive thoughts are best kept to yourself. Keep in mind that your unwillingness to reveal info to an official figure could land you in hot water.


Your Weekend Horoscope shows that sharing your thoughts with a close friend gives you the feedback needed to fine-tune your plans. It may come as a shock when a certain pal fails to provide the support you were expecting. Friendships are tricky now. Better to exercise your independence.


With your ruler, Mercury, moving into your professional sector, you are excited to discuss your current career goals. A partner or close friend might raise objections to your plans, especially if it means that you will have less time for him or her. Strive for balance between your personal and professional worlds.


Engaging in an a growth-promoting activity requires your full attention. Despite your determination to stay focused, distractions may cause interference. One particular task may demand your immediate attention and sweeping it under the rug won’t make it go away. Take care of business first, so that you have time for more fulfilling activities.


There is a fine line between engaging in sexy pillow talk and getting too technical about your amorous activity. Romance should be a pleasure, not a chore. Relax and just go with the flow. Otherwise you run the risk of ruining what could be a beautiful moment.


Communication opens up in your relationships as your ruler, Mercury, enters your partnership zone. Getting your significant other to reveal his or thoughts is a delicate dance, as you need to be mindful of boundaries. Consider this the beginning of the process. Proceed with care and allow ample time for communication to flow.


Your Weekend Horoscope indicates that a certain activity may prove to be more complicated than is obvious at first glance. If you fail to follow directions then chances are good you could completely muck things up. Slow down and take the time needed to understand the task at hand.


Whether the object of your attention is a pastime or a person, you want to learn all that you can about the matter at hand. Acquiring the info you need comes at a price. If your interest will last, then it’s worth making the investment. But if this is just a passing fancy, it might be better to move on.


Your Weekend Horoscope reveals that there may be information you are seeking from a relative or roommate. The harder you push, the less likely it is that he or she will tell you what you need to know. You may need to seek answers from an alternative source.


When communicative Mercury squares your ruler, Saturn, there is a push to divulge a matter that you just aren’t ready to discuss. There are certain things that you are still trying to unravel and understand about yourself. This process should be kept private until you feel completely ready to make a big reveal.


Money matters are a bit murky now and despite your desire to get things sorted out, you keep meeting with opposition. Your long-term plans need to be incorporated into the picture. And while this might be a more involved process, it will help build the security you seek.


You are ready to discuss an important project or plan with someone who possesses the means to make it happen. Make sure that your plan is ready for prime time before you launch your pitch. An influential figure is likely to find fault with a half-baked idea.

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