Your Weekend Horoscope for December 26 – 28, 2014

Your Weekend Horoscope

Your Weekend Horoscope: Rules and Regulations

With taskmaster Saturn entering erudite Sagittarius, rules and regulations make it harder for us to attain the knowledge, wisdom, and experience that are required to grow. You have to pay the price to acquire proficiency, but hard-earned is well-learned. Here’s your Weekend Horoscope!

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It may be time to go back to school in order acquire the knowledge or certification required to achieve your objectives. Even if there isn’t a formal goal that you are working toward, you may feel drawn to commit to learning more about a subject that you feel passionate about.


Your Weekend Horoscope indicates that you may be setting yourself up for trouble if you’re spending money that you haven’t yet earned. Debts that you accumulate now may be a challenge to pay off. Don’t borrow unless you’re desperate and if you do borrow make sure that you understand the terms involved.


Working with others may be a challenge. If you feel that a colleague or partner is being too demanding and if you’re not getting the support you need, it only makes matters worse. You will be working very closely with others in the future so begin to sort out your differences now.


Even though you feel obligated to take care of household chores and other tasks, you may find yourself lacking both the physical energy and motivation to get the job done. Don’t push yourself to take on something that you can’t handle, as it makes you vulnerable to illness or injury.


Gambling and other speculative ventures may be costly. Your Weekend Horoscope shows these matters may require greater work and attention than you are used to, so it is probably better to stick to a sure thing. Similarly, a romantic risk make also be dicey. Go with who and what you know!


All would be right in your world if the people closest to you would just leave you in peace. That’s not likely to happen. In fact, there will be more family related obligations and responsibilities to come. Consider it an opportunity to bring well-needed stability to domestic affairs.


The financial pressure that you have been under for the last few years is starting to lift. Now that you can see the light at the end of the tunnel you need to think seriously about how to move things forward. What is most important to you now? It’s time to set a new goal.


With restrictive Saturn settling into your house of finances, it may feel like you’re working harder to make ends meet. While Saturn does demand that you put your nose to the grindstone, it gives you the discipline required to succeed. The good news is that your rewards equal your efforts.


You are under a lot of pressure now and it shows. You will have increased responsibilities in the months to come, so it is important that you begin to prioritize your affairs now so that you can manage matters more effectively in the future. Roll your sleeves up. Hard work brings results!


You tend to worry when you feel that you lack control over what’s happening in your world. Your external affairs are status quo. It’s your inner life that’s a little unsettled now. You’re not losing it just because you feel insecure. Allow your weaknesses to teach you empathy toward others.


Your Weekend Horoscope shows that you may soon call it quits with certain friendships or may withdraw from clubs or associations that you have belonged to. This creates space to befriend people who share your current goals and interests. Look to connect with older and wiser individuals.


Making time to socialize this weekend should be your number one priority. Your career is rapidly rising to the next level, bringing added responsibilities in the months and weeks ahead. Maintaining a high level of success will require you to work harder than ever. Better enjoy yourself while you still can!

2 thoughts on “Your Weekend Horoscope for December 26 – 28, 2014

  1. Neil Keeble

    Hi Ladies and gents,
    I just wanted to let you all know that I appreciate reading your daily’s. I am a Libra, so a bit of an empath myself. I used to be scared of seeing and quiety mind talking or soul-talking to Jesus and the angels,guides e I was 4 years old. You all help me put into words sometimes or understand what they are telling me. My guide is Archiemedes and in 2011 I rolled a Tundra 3 times so I wouldn’t hit 3 little girls looking out the back window at me, so I took the wall as I could never live with myself. Their mother pulled over in the right lane of a Texas HWY and parked as it was raining,she was a wetback with her 3 girls and didn’t know what to do. As I was rolling over it felt like I was surrounded by chicken feathers, did not get a scratch Don’t know that that angel knew I had put him up next to chicken feathers, but it was what came to mind.
    Thank you for your website. Neil…10/17/54

  2. Patricia Hisko

    Why do the reading refer to people who are not in their senior years?

    99.9% do not refer to me who is a Gemini.

    Thank you. Patricia


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