Your Weekend Horoscope for June 13 – 15, 2014

Your Weekend Horoscope: Finances and Our Emotions

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there! If you put your best foot forward, it doesn’t matter if you pick up the tab for the weekend or not—you’re still a hero to your spouse and children. With the moon in Capricorn, the financial nature of life exposes our emotions, but this is your weekend to shine! By Sunday night the moon sways into Aquarius and a sexy or loving feeling takes over.

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In honor of Father’s Day, we’re taking a look at father/child relationships by Sun Sign. Then check out some ideas for how to make his day special. Here’s your Weekend Horoscope!


Father: I know you want me to show your more affection, but in my heart I love you so much. It’s just hard for me to show it.
Child: I could never accuse you of smothering me. The things I have learned from you are countless and I will always hold your wisdom close to my heart.

This is a weekend to share a good meal. Dad loves to eat out and somewhere fancy always makes him happy.


Father: I paved the ground you’re standing on. I have your support and strength even if we disagree.
Child: You taught me how to be stable, how to say no and how to finish what I started.

Taking dad to a game or the golf course makes for a fun time. No doubt, there will be a nice dinner to share.


Father: I like that you’re a teacher and coach. You’re diverse and spontaneous, a hard worker and a man of good taste.
Child: Thank you for showing me how to dress well, look good and think in a way that confuses my friends.

A long walk and a long talk makes for a special day with dad. Of course, the environment has to be special like a beautiful beach with great restaurants on the boardwalk.


Father: Loving my children comes easy. I enjoy the energy they have and we laugh when we are all together. I can be the best stay-at-home dad there is!
Child: Dad, we are getting you a housekeeper for Father’s Day. You’ve prepared the wonderful meal, but we think someone else (not us) should clean up.

It’s time for some fine dining at dad’s house. Get the BBQ ready, put some beers on ice and have lunge chairs set up next to the pool. Food, water and family are a Cancer’s dream. 


Father: As the head of the pride, the Leo father is the light that gives clarity and creates the framework for the family unit.
Child: As much as a Leo child tries to outshine dad, that’s never going to happen. It’s better to stick close to home and maintain your place at the core of the family.

The Leo dad shines in all his glory with music, dancing and sports. Family is the most important and presents are optional.


Father: This dad is lovable, yet obsessive. He checks your homework and makes sure all the bills are paid on time. He has an attitude of service.
Child: Even after you’ve moved out, you dad still checks in to see if your bills are paid. He’s a precise parent and taught you to be responsible.

Spend this day in service to others. Volunteer with dad and help others. 


Father: I am the seesaw of life! Having children brought balance and harmony to my up and down lifestyle, giving me a strong foundation.
Child: Being with you was like being in an amusement park. You always made us laugh and got your point across.

The beach is calling and a boating trip is where you will find the best Father’s Day experience this year.


Father: Finding the underlying cause of things is my specialty. You might think I’m not watching, but I see all and know all.
Child: I can hide from anyone but you. I can keep secrets from anyone but you. Thank goodness you know me, and are my savior and protector.

A new summer movie, a big pizza and gathering with family makes for a lovely Father’s Day. After the sun goes down, a heart-to-heart talk takes place. Bonding is always good.


Father: Tactfulness is not my forte, yet you can count on the truth, as harsh as it might be. My spontaneous and adventurous nature will keep you on your toes.
Child: Thank you for being frank and honest, even if it hurt. I have become a strong person and I can take care of my family. I absorbed your creative energy.

Being outdoors with friends and family while enjoying music and great food brings lots of love to the party. It is a wonderful day and all the dads gather to share the richness of life.


Father: Not wearing my heart on my sleeve sometimes confused you. Know that I love you no matter what you do. I am always in your corner.
Child: I grew up fast and without being held back by rules. Because of you I am who I am now and I know you are proud of me.

Sleeping in makes for a good start to an incredible day filled with spiritual energy and laughter. A big dinner at dad’s favorite restaurant is on the menu. Then returning home for dessert makes it even better.


Father: Never mistake my kindness for weakness. I am always the humanitarian, loving my children and all the pets that have come into our home over the years.
Child: Growing up with you has been like having a zoo in the house. So many projects going on at once taught me how to handle whatever life throws at me.

See a new art exhibit and have a fine dinning experience today. Lots of intellectual chatter makes this a day to remember for all.


Father: I will teach you how to fish, or at least shop for food. There will never be a shortage of spiritual interaction. I taught you how to handle the patterns of life.
Child: It was fun growing up with a Pisces dad. Being a Pisces too gave me many options, as we are able to flow freely though family issues and make the best of what we had.

A simple outing and brunch start the day off in a great way. In the warmth of the afternoon, take a dip in the pool or ocean.

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  2. sunshine

    my husband can not be a pisces, born March 2nd , he is the most controling , unspiritual man I have ever met. the kids thought he was a mean dad, he has a temper like a buzz saw, I am a cancer, I do not get why he does not match his sign I sure do match mine. love home and family . we are said to be the perfect sign match. Hate to see the wrose.

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