Your Weekend Horoscope for April 25 – 27, 2014

Your Weekend Horoscope: Positive Aggression

Aggressive behavior in the most positive way accentuates how you feel emotionally. You are ready to do the work needed to secure a relationship, a new job, or sign a lease or mortgage for a beautiful home. If you’re in school, your grades hit the roof as studying becomes easier, making it a breeze to pass exams that will propel you towards a better life. Meditate on appreciating your talents, brains or looks in order for these assets to reach their full potential. You should thank the Aries Moon for all these blessings. Here’s your Weekend Horoscope!


Go ahead and make that decision! You’re on target, and the rest of the information you need to complete a task will come along shortly. Take any fear and ditch it. You’ve got this weekend by the tail, so give it your best swing and you will hit a home run.

Call me for your detailed weekend reading. I have so much more to tell you!


Although the energy is high, you prefer to stay in bed with the covers pulled up around you, keeping you warm. Use the energy to meditate, sleep, exercise and whatever else you feel like doing. No one will rattle your cage, according to you Weekend Horoscope. Peace and relaxation reign.


The desire to move forward is stronger than ever. You plan another great weekend with old friends. There is a new lover crossing your path and although you’re looking for something casual, there might be some long-term potential with them. Let it happen! You are in a positive position for all good things.


Heartfelt energy is running through your body. You feel like diving under the covers with you’re love, and that’s a good idea. You’ll be making love all weekend, according to your Weekend Horoscope. No doubt, this is a fun few days. Make sure the cookies in the oven don’t burn. They will replenish your energy.


Up front and center stage as always, you cover your shyness so well. Courage is the name of the game and the tasks you accomplish please you. Take note of those who helped you to make this weekend memorable. Rewards are in order following the activities.


“Waiting, waiting for the world to change,” is the song you’ve been humming for the past few days. This weekend, take the lead and make the changes that need to be made in accordance with your vision. There is no picture more detailed than the one painted in your mind. The manifestation will be beautiful.


Love takes center stage this weekend as you and your lover try to get some time alone. This is not always possible but there will be a few moments that will awaken your spirits and the feeling of the first time you met comes to life. It is always nice to reflect on why you are such a great couple.


Deep down in your soul there is knowledge that only you hold. If you choose to share this knowledge with others, the responsibility will become very demanding on your shoulders. Should you tell or not? Don’t let the fiery moon push you where you don’t want to go!


Whether you are reaching out or reaching deep within, you are feeling the passion of the universal pull. A little give and take is okay. There is a sense of balance you’re able to enjoy, and it’s going to be a very active weekend. Make sure you’re ready for it by eating well and staying hydrated.


You know how finances work, and explaining it to someone else has got you really thinking about your books. There are people who owe you money and a new budget must be adhered to. It seems confusing now, but you are the master of your destiny—especially when it comes to your finances.


Your beautiful mind ponders the universe. What once was and what is to come cannot compare to what is. Your task, according to your Weekend Horoscope, is to live in the moment. Hold on to the precious experiences you are about to share with those who care about you the most.


Spinning around gives your quite the vision. These carefree vibrations make you feel a little spellbound when it comes to love. You’re able to let go and feel in harmony with the universe. Know that there are safe arms to catch you and embrace you. Just lean back and let love happen.

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  1. Enid

    If you could kindly help me out the my love life and if I have taken the right step to it or should I re-consider my plan in life with tis partner and what the future holds for me. Kindly do give your true comment as it would help me to succeed in life

  2. Enid

    I would like to know about my love life the decision I have made is it good or do I have to re-consider it or go ahead about it. I want to know about it so if you could please help me out to make it worth or if about what the future holds for me. Tankss


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