Your Weekend Forecast for October 11 – 13, 2013

Do Your Weekend Plans Get Foiled?

We start this weekend with an organized plan that gets foiled by the Aquarius Moon (which takes over for the Capricorn Moon on Saturday afternoon). Still the Sun shines in Libra, giving us balance. With Columbus Day on Monday, we get to sleep in after a great weekend spent with friends.


Still feeling the “easy breezy” energy from the Libra Sun, you seem to be enjoying your weekend very much. There’s a big project on the way and you need to get ready. Good thing you have an extra day off to do so.


You’re stubborn and no one can change your thinking pattern. Keep with your plans and you will be happy. A surprise gift shows up in the mail (yes, snail mail) on Saturday that puts you in a good place.


Don’t let the vibrations you’re feeling stop you from your intended strategy. You want to push ahead, but it feels like there’s a wall stopping you. Just know that you’re moving forward, and every inch you move counts.


There is an influx of confusing vibrations. It is time to straighten your life out and face some facts about your future. With three days to think and get your grove back on track, you get just what you need to succeed.


Cleaning out the garage, closets and drawers has you busy all weekend. What? No fun! Don’t worry, because your friends will be over with food and drink to make it feel like a holiday, even with the purging of needless junk.


Noticing the details have been shoved under the rug gets you in the mood to accomplish a long-term goal. Finally, your energy is restored after a long haul. Helping a friend move was an act of kindness that will be repaid.


Being empowered by the Sun being in your sign allows you to make some very important decisions with a clear head. There is a lot of change coming in the next few months. This weekend, make a list of what you have to do so you are ahead of the game.


Making a major move over the weekend puts you in the right place at the right time. There is a mental game of chess going on and you are the most important player in the game. Think before you advance.


A watchful eye is needed as you are called upon to protect those you love. Standing strong against all odds puts you and yours in a safe place. You enjoy your sense of pride. Being in charge is a big responsibility.


Having three days off is just what you need. Letting go of all the negative vibrations that you incurred at work takes some effort. A little meditation, a good book and ordering your favorite food puts a smile on your face.


Big plans work out for the best as family and friends gather at your home for an autumn feast. A little pre-holiday party sets the mood. Good music, good conversation and a good friend staying over to help clean up make it a five-star weekend.


After kissing a lot of frogs, this is the weekend where the prince/princess appears. It is a time for love and harmony with a touch of drama thrown in just to keep you on your toes. Enjoy the excitement as you finally meet your “forever after” person.

19 thoughts on “Your Weekend Forecast for October 11 – 13, 2013

  1. marcia

    Quinn, your advice is excellent. We must pray , & meditate. In this time of chaos , extream violence,& destruction , you can offer us & our loved ones protection on Earth. I do not know where or how these extreamly negative forces came into being , but we all need spiritual protection from them. These negative , violent forces have actually made people approve of war, weapons ,& violence. It is ad if people have been put under a very negative , destructive spell . We truly do need a spell of protection against these extremely negative. destructive forces , to save our children, ourselves , & our planet.

  2. Angela

    Quinn – Oh My God! I just got such enlightenment from reading the comments, especially the one about the Scorpio lady being told she will meet someone this “FALL”. I am Pisces, and I know we are most compatible with fellow water signs, particularly SCORPIO. Am I destined to meet my SCORPIO this “FALL” I have dreamed of thiis man and my spirt guides have shown me some of the things he is going to say to me – I will be sure to know its him when we meet.

    Can you offer any advice??? I feel I am on the right track – for “FALL”


  3. 143true143

    I dnt really feel r c wat im readyin but i have known the more you open ya heart to ur self n just work on your self n stop lookin for a mate..not to have a mile check list you can meet sum awesome people…not everyone is the perfect match but if you over look sum of the other shell of people you can laugh smile enjoy great company…

  4. Diane

    I guess as a Scorpio I am transitioning. I have loved but he has never been able to commit. I have even called Quinn about this. I am in upheaval feeling like at 59 I will never have anyone in my life to love who will also love me. I am ready to give up, despite the recent ‘scopes that continue to say I am “magnetic” so I everytime I leave the house (work, shopping) I present myself well. I smile at everyone, am outgoing at work…nothing. My ‘scope has said I am prime for romance and meeting someone…I go out, I join groups…nothing. I call psychics and have had 4 different that said “fall” you will meet and find someone and nothing. I have joined groups, been out and about, and smile at everyone…am friendly, always. But most of all the guy I still care about isn’t there either. I have lost 15 lbs, Take care of myself. But I am alone and just expect to be so despite these rosy “it will happen” predictions. Hogwash.

  5. lonnie

    please help need advice asap va claim in final rating decision phase give me some advice
    will i win my claims for unemployability

  6. Randy

    Dear Quinn you could not be more rite about this old Sag. I am generous but I will though my life out the window to save family or friend that matter. I really enjoy reading what you write it almost makes me fill good about myself again. Thank you for being there.

  7. Psychic -Quinn ext. 5484

    dear blog readers,
    I wish I could solve all of the problems, issues and concerns for everyone. but alas, im an astrologer/psychic – I see what could happen, often what will happen, yet I am not responsible for making things happen, outside of my own life.

    I must admit there is a vibration of uncertainty in the universal field. kind of off balance, just look at the state of the government and all the violent shows on TV!

    what we could do to improve our life condition is pray, meditate and make causes that produce effects we can live with.

    here are some principles to live by.
    “the all is mind, the universe is mental”
    “as above so below; as below so above”
    “nothing rests, everything moves; everything vibrates”
    “everything is dual” “everything has its pair of opposites”
    “everything flows, out and in; everything has its tides; all things rise and fall”
    “every cause has its effect; ever effect has it cause”; that is the law and nothing escapes the law.
    “gender is in everything; gender manifest on all planes”

    if you are having a rough time know that “winter always turns to spring” and it is only a moment in time. think what can you do to make life better, to be happy. each day ponder these thoughts and soon life will turn around.

    I wish you all the best of the best. to be so happy that your light shines so bright that others are happy in your company.

    Buddha bless,

  8. Bev

    Wow, I was shocked because my significant other & I had a little falling out about 3 weeks ago and I moved him out of my home. I’ve been missing him and he called me awhile ago and said he would be here Saturday & Sunday asking if I needed anything. He was born 1/27/69 so he is Aquarieus (?) and I’m hoping out weekend is grandiose. Am I making the right choice and is he being true to me?

  9. Bella

    No ms. Quinn I’m not seeing / feeling all the love 4 us CaPRICORNS lol … Who’s ever been predicting them we’ll they / is not up 2 par .lol no love what’s ever romantic times 4 whom / who not with me … It’s ok I’ve been looking inward anyway but ur would nice 1 feel / share some love … FYI I got a weird vibe from jc I’m not even gonna other 2 check BCZ u know I’m right ON with the $$$$ .. Have a gear weekend your self , love you ms Quinn … Your dearest Bella … xoxoxo ((((ms Quinn)))) ….. I think I’m happy ???? But I’m not lol lol humm … It’s a heavy vibe what’s causing it plz ??? … XOXO…. Thank you love ya 🙂 🙂

  10. mary Cook

    There is no way that these horoscopes, each sign, could match each persons life that has that particular sign. Sorry, but I’m no fool. Everyone, regardless of their sign will have a different type of weekend than what these horoscopes say, because astrology or psychics can not predict the future accurately. For astrology, most read into it what they want and try to make it match up with them because they want to believe. For psychics, those psychics are just reading your energy and what you really want and telling you that. They are not telling you the accurate future. I know this because I had a reading by one of your psychics and none of it came to pass. None of it. I could name who SHE is, but I will let the administrators of this look into it if they really want to know. Thanks, but I’m no fool and this person is financially poor. Only my bills will see my money from now on, instead of this kind of stuff.

  11. Giana Liaci

    So is this “weeknds’ forecast of Aquairan making things a little haywire, etc (this is what’s been going on for weeks, not just “this weekend” – today and the past few days things happened where I took as much action as I could to offset financial disasters…….before I even read this – will that help me at all IF MORE is coming? IS more coming, or would this be referring to THIS WEEKEND only – it scares me to read these things – yes, I know not to be scared, plan, take action, try, try, try, have faith, yadeyaday….but IF you do all you can to offset something, can you relax, at least a little that you offset the prediction? There’s my question – that’s why I hate seeing the daily forecasts – because I”m a planner, a trying person, a take-action person – I doin’t like seeing a dark forecast of a “problem” IF I’ve, for weeks, tried hard to curb “problems” – any comments on this or how to curb the fear – short of never looking at the forecasts? We all love to see a sunny forecast, but how do you handle the stormy ones?


  12. Vangie

    Dear Madam,

    I need your help about my present relationships with my fiancee and i feel that he is looking for a new lady after 4 years of our relationships. I have done all my love cares to him giving all my love taking care but i do not know why he still leaving. Please help me and please tell me what to do because i love him so much.

    Lonely depressed woman Taurus

  13. Psychic -Quinn ext. 5484

    HAPPY WEEKEND to all of our blog readers. may your horoscopes be right on and your weekend three days be full of fun and love.
    I will be here working Friday, Saturday and Sunday nites. hope to talk to you soon.
    Buddha bless,


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