Virgo: Strengths and Weaknesses

Learning From Perfection

What are the natural strengths and weaknesses of the Virgo, the most perfectionistic of all signs? Our psychics share their insight into the Virgo:

Cameron ext. 5412 explains:

“Virgos have a natural ability for keeping order and structure and for managing the finer details so that everything goes right in a situation. They have great abilities as healers. Virgos know what is needed and they take care of it. If you assign a task to a Virgo, you know that it is going to get done. Because of their natural desire for perfectionism, they often produce amazing results, because they won’t give up until what they are working on is exactly right. They have high standards in their personal life and in dating, and they expect those who they choose as a partner to meet these standards.

“However, Virgos often have to make sure that their standards aren’t so high that nobody can meet them. They often get a bad reputation for being impossible to please or for being too critical. Usually what is going on in those moments is that they are using their natural talent to see what is going wrong in a situation and they are trying to fix it. They want things and people to be the best that they can be, including themselves. What is essential for Virgos is timing. What they are saying may very well be true, but might seem cruel if delivered at the wrong time or without sensitivity. (Telling a friend that you think the painters did a bad job on the house she’s selling right before she’s about to show it isn’t be very helpful.) Sometimes Virgos have to remember that things don’t have to be perfect in order to enjoy or appreciate them.”

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Summer ext. 9898 offers:

“The Virgos I have known are dedicated to achievement and are focused on details. They are the perfectionists of the zodiac. They possess an analytical nature and are very realistic, truly down-to- earth individuals. Sometimes their calm exterior can be mistaken for boring but they are anything but that! They usually have a great sense of humor and sharp intellect. Many are not that confident, but if given the opportunity they show everyone else up.

“Yet because Virgos are the perfectionists of the zodiac, they can get wound up and find it hard to relax. They are worrisome and sometimes perceived to be fussy. Fussing over others can sometimes be helpful, but Virgos need to let loved ones do what they want, even if it’s not the way they would do it. Learn to let others make their own decisions. It is very difficult to make them content and a life lesson for them is gratitude for what’s in their life in the here and now.

“Although many are not that confident, Virgos often get labeled the ‘know-it-alls’ of the zodiac, but they usually do know it all. Everyone should have a Virgo in their life to go to for advice but Virgo should be aware of this gift so they do not appear critical or demanding.”

Fiona ext. 5178 says:

“The driving force within Virgo types is a quest for knowledge that enables them to sit late into the night with their nose in a book memorizing anything they find interesting—but it’s all so interesting—and then store that knowledge in a brain lobe for later. Just as the driving quest of Jupiter-Sagittarius is the quest for Truth, the driving force for Mercury-Virgo is to learn things and compile knowledge. Mercury, the ruler of Gemini (the teacher) talks fast and expresses knowledge verbally. Mercury, the ruler of Virgo (the scribe) quietly writes it down. Just as Capricorn rules time, Virgo (co-ruled by Ceres, the goddess of the hearth and healthy food) is a stickler for details.

“Virgo fine-tunes things—attending to the details with the skill of a light-laser—asking Saturn, ‘What time, exactly?’ Virgo is a traditional sign: pragmatic, organized, understated in appearance and speech. Virgos are polite, perfectly groomed, knowledgeable about much, but quiet with their insight and observances. Virgo questions ‘why’ and then figures it out, either astrologically, since more astrologers have Virgo ascending than any other sign, or intuitively. Virgo’s love meditation. It is no coincidence that more authors, draftsmen, forensic scientists, accountants, engineers, healers, quantum physicists, professors, neuro psychologists, computer geeks and metaphysicians are Virgo types. They thrive on details. It is the sign that accumulates knowledge for the ages.”

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13 thoughts on “Virgo: Strengths and Weaknesses

  1. albert joseph

    um a Virgo and um really bored by being dependent on my parents um 18 and i sometimes bit the walls sing and watch movies sleep or break something to let of the pressure of being dependent misunderstood and rules like no earphones and cause my dad has a busy life whats the best way guys um a musician at church but my parents don’t support me by e.g buying me an organ life sucks last time i punched the door and created a hole i just want to go out there love someone not look for help you know um a fan to all Virgos you the best guys


    iwow!!!!!!every details about your articles in virgo,strengths and weakness are absolutely and exactly in my life,,,,, inspired me,,,,,//// / i have keep this story in my mind,,,,a picture of my life,,,,, ,,, thankfully,,,,

  3. Jeannine Grader

    For Trina- I have a cute story, read from the wonderful Linda Goodman’s works, that speaks to your wonderment over being a messy Virgo. A young Virgo mother had written to her in desperation- she was so upset over her messy house, and she did not understand how she could be so “unlike” her Virgo sign. Goodman then recounts how this lovely lady had actually sent handwritten pages LISTING, in order, all of her household “transgressions.” Through this letter of lists, the Author only confirmed her Virgo-ness; who else would do such a thing, write a list of her messiness?? Who else would be so in control of her mess that she could count them out?? So, as a Virgo Mother myself, I laughed a great sense of relief, recognizing that was just how I felt- house was/is a mess- and I could tell you every single thing that was out of place, how it came to be out of place, etc etc. I have kept this story close to my heart as a parent to three who had no household help. So YES- sometimes life throws a tidy Virgo a big mess, but please remember that tidy is not the most important part of who you are!! Even a rabbit can break an ankle!!!

  4. Trina Baines

    I am a Virgio, and while I identify with many of the qualities; thirst for knowledge and information. I am critical but of myself more so than of others. I am” dependable. its the “perfectionist” trait that throws me.. I am messy as heck. I clean my room and if I am in it then there is a new mess 2 hours later. WTH?? I’m not a teen I am 50! are there other messy virgos out there?

  5. Julaiha Gent

    This article is very true of me. I am a virgo and I display the signs of being a true virgo. Often, my good intensions, and needs have been misunderstood, mostly by colleagues; and this saddens and frutrastes.

  6. Ty Evans

    I am a Virgo and I love being what I am. Yes we are sometimes controlling because we like things to be inorder. I am a neat freak as well, when there is is clutter laying around, i either have to pick it up or leave, because I dont like to have my thoughts cluttered. We as Virgos like for things to go right, so sometimes we get a lil fussy, but if you follow our lead all will be jusssss fine. 🙂

  7. Gina Rose ext.9500

    As A Virgo myself , ( Cancer Rising, Moon & Mars in Pisces, with alot more in water, LOL ) I wanted to say I thougt this article was right on.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  8. lorraine smith

    very true my husband is a virgo and control freak worries all te time,always things in the negative,and enery thing has to be perfect.


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