Venus Transits Cancer

Making the most of summertime frolicking is likely to be easier, thanks
to Venus passing through Cancer from August 1 to 26, 2009. When the
planet of love transits the sign of home and family, it’s time to fire
up the barbecue and enjoy some quality time with those you love.

The vibe of this transit is gentle and kind, with a twist of sentimentality. Your mind may wander to days gone by, remembering less-complicated times and the joy of simple pleasures. Hanging around the house, and maybe making an improvement or two, is bound to spark your creativity. Your spirit will be content with accomplishment when you do things the old-fashioned way – with your own two hands.

Old friends are likely to seek you out, and every party is an opportunity to meet someone new. Your intuition is likely to reach new heights, so don’t be afraid to trust it! This is a time to build new bonds – and repair or enhance old ones. With all the good energy floating around, be careful to balance your sense of emotional security, or you could slip over the line into co-dependency.

These are the vacation days of summer, and no matter what your sign, something good is bound to come your way. So relax and enjoy this easy-breezy pace, and open your heart wide to let old love grow and new love flow!

Venus in Cancer is a time of reward. Make the most of these opportunities, and live from your heart. Life may not be perfect, but the blending of these energies brings good times, and a fresh start.

Leo is even more radiant during these social days, spreading love and fun like a trail of breadcrumbs. This big cat may have a secret or two – and is possibly even toying with the idea of a taking a new lover or having a whirlwind affair.

Virgo will finally relax a bit, finding more fulfillment in play than in work. They will strengthen relationships by spending time with family and friends, and their partners will be tantalized by their sultry, romantic plans.

Libra is likely to find fun dating partners through work – if already involved, they may mix business and pleasure. Whether it’s a weekend getaway or far-away trip, the travel bug is biting. They are likely to set duty aside, and live it up a bit!

Scorpio can’t help but be a bit intense. Their creative efforts will be met with success, and the Scorpio pheromones are making them even harder to resist. Any single Scorpios who are on the prowl are likely to attract an intriguingly exotic lover around now.

Sagittarius will wander, calling on family and friends. Their spiritual side beckons them to ponder past life connections. Their need for adventure may send them on a ghost hunt or two, but in their quieter moments, you may find them unusually snuggly – because they will be feeling so intensely connected to you.

Capricorn is likely to relinquish a bit of control because they will be focused on enhancing their bonds. Relationships at home and work will be put into harmony. Attached Capricorns may have to deflect a romantic advance or two, and unattached Capricorns may struggle with who they should choose.

Aquarius will enjoy being the social butterfly, reacquainting with friends from long ago. Family will be close, and strangers will become friends. A risky flirtation could get out of control, so keep in mind that if you play with fire, you are likely to get burned.

Pisces is glowing with love and lust while romance and romantic opportunities float around them like so much magical dust. What began as a friendship could easily bloom into more. The animal-loving Pisces may rescue a furry friend, and this good deed could result in a pet that is here to stay.

Aries will be tapping into their more romantic side, gathering their family and friends close. While they are likely to rope you into helping weed the garden or paint the porch, they will keep the food and fun flowing. When the party is over and friends go home, their passion will overflow.

Taurus is likely to throw a bash or two, wanting to stay closer to home. If it seems like they know what’s going on inside your head, it’s because they do – their intuition will be at its peak.

Gemini will be charming enough to melt an iceberg, smoothing out the bumps and bruises in their existing relationships. Venus will reward them for their selfless behavior, possibly blessing them with some unexpected improvements in their finances.

Cancer will be feeling more alive, getting a subtle boost in their self-confidence and self-esteem. This truly is their time to shine – old and new relationships alike will be enhanced by an intuitive link.

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