Venus Squares Uranus

Venus is the planet of love, money, arts and treasured possessions. Uranus is the planet of the unexpected, the future and things that exist outside the box. When these planets square off, tension ensues especially when it comes to relationships.

“This astrological shift, which lasts three to four days, can cause a strain on your relationships,” says Patty Kamson, a Los Angeles-based astrologer. Your fickle nature might kick in gear, making it hard for you to accept the responsibility of being a partner to one person. Suddenly the grass looks greener on the other side, but this is simply an illusion.

Sure, you may need some fresh input during this time, but you can do it without trashing your connections, Kamson adds. During this time, remember not to claw at your mate. But if you do, here are three ways to lessen the blow:

Breathe to listen
When a fight starts, your blood pressure rises, your heart rate speeds up and your natural reaction is to shout (either with words or body language). This stops the flow of energy and causes you to look for the quickest – and often most painful – way to take out your opponent. If you stop to breathe, you can refocus your energy and listen to what your partner is truly saying, explains Nancy Nelson, an astrologer, healer and hypnotherapist. “True listening – rather than formulating your next response while your partner is talking – allows you to assess what they are saying with more clarity.”

Respond rather than react
It takes two to tango, so stay clear of any possible confrontations. If a squabble does erupt, simply be mindful. Don’t go on autopilot where you simply react – this will only fuel the fight. Rather be present so you can respond in an appropriate manner that is true to the moment. This will bring the intensity of the fight down a notch or two, allowing communication which is more honest, says Nelson.

Flexible and free flowing
This is the time to expect the unexpected, says Kamson. So don’t set yourself up for disappointment. Expect absolutely nothing from your partner. Meanwhile, remember that this shift may make you antsy, meaning you may find yourself craving independence. Go do something on your own. Don’t project or harbor resentment toward your partner. The best way to deal with this square is to go with the flow and embody a sense of playfulness. Being strict or harsh with yourself or your partner will only add to the tension.

Stay in the moment
Leave the past in the past and respond from a centered position, directing energy to the issue at hand, adds Nelson. Bringing up history, hurts and injuries – whether real or imagined – prevents growth and will only propagate a cycle of pain.

Remember this is a fast-moving transit. Acting brashly will likely result in regret…

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