Overhaul Your Wardrobe and Your Mind

A little springtime closet overhaul can be the best therapy for your sense of style. One very exciting therapeatic side effect is that it can help you clear out unwanted emotional baggage, too.

Peering into your closet’s dark recesses can be scary after what might be years of steadfast procrastination – but go ahead, dive in and make way for some clairty in your wardrobe as well as your mind.

A poor fit
Your closet: Why not start by pulling out everything that no longer fits or is seriously out of date. Start with your favorite jeans of yesteryear? You know, the ones that have gotten just slightly (impossibly) snug? They’re wasting space. Should your body never regress to your former smaller self, those jeans are a trap for self-recrimination. And out of style clothes are just not wearable.

You: The same goes for those thoughts taking up valuable mental real estate. If you’re clinging to thoughts of your last ex, let ’em go! Those old ideas of what your life is supposed to look like? Out with the trash. Let the “new” you be the new you, and get rid of anything holding you to the constructs of your past.

The reasoning: Why would you cling to a pair of jeans from the past? You’re a whole, new, fabulous you, improved by the experiences of each and every year. Those old things are so last year. Complete your modern-you ensemble with only your more recent purchases or a brand new pair.

Unused and unnecessary
Your closet: You bought those purple vinyl boots on a whim. You just knew the right outfit would materialize to wear them with. But years later, there they are, patiently waiting beneath a layer of dust.

You: That’s probably not the only “unnecessary” stuff you have hanging around. Are you seeing someone once in a while ’cause you might hit it off later? Maybe you’re keeping them around when you know you’re not a match.

The reasoning: If it hasn’t happened yet, it’s time to call it quits. Don’t wait another few years. Those boots were made for walkin’… to the thrift store.

Reorganize and revise
Your closet: Once you’ve cleared out your stores of the old, it’s time for the fun part. Make whatever adjustments you’d like (birch wood shelves, color-coded hangers?) and reorganize.

You: It’s a great time to take stock of what you have, what works for the now-you and the future-you.

The reasoning: Now that you’ve unloaded all that baggage? There’s nothin’ but room. Fill her up with new hopes, new loves and new adventures, and while you’re at it…pick up some black boots and a pair of sexy new jeans.

As you clean out your closet, ask yourself why you’re hanging on to things that don’t work for you any more. Then try and find the correlation in your mind to each one. It will be the best emotional spring cleaning you’ve ever had!

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