Your Venus Love Horoscope for July 2013

Hot Venus in Fiery Leo

Venus in Leo is impulsive, impetuous, seductive and sometimes combative—but in a way that leads to great make-up sex (rawr). Venus starts July by testing the waters, facing off with karmic Saturn on the 1st and feeling stubborn and feisty, but quickly changing her mood on the 7th to playful and spontaneous. As she remains in Leo until the 22nd, she will lounge luxuriously in the lioness’ den of love.

Indulgent Venus in Virgo

On the 22nd when the Sun enters Leo, there’s a Full Moon in Aquarius and Venus makes her way into the arms of not-so-virtuous Virgo. Venus has fun in this sign, especially when she wiggles her way into the current triangle of planets in water signs—Neptune, Saturn and Jupiter. First, she taunts Neptune while flirting with Saturn on the 26th, but it’s lucky Jupiter who gets to luxuriate with her on Sunday the 28th. Next, the independent goddess meets up with Pluto on the 30th ready for a day of pleasant possibilities.


You love the feel of Venus in Leo because it suits your hot and sexy disposition. When Venus moves into Virgo you strengthen your ties with your closest relationships, but you’ll have little patience for drama.


Venus in Leo may agitate you slightly or cause a slight rift with a lover—you just need your space. After the 22nd you’ll kiss and make up during a fun adventure. If single, Venus in another earth sign is a great time to find new love.


The twins get the yin and the yang of love this month. A sometimes stormy start to the month ends on a much more jovial note when friends and lovers show their softer side. Avoid office romances.


Venus in your second house will help with Venus’ second favorite thing—money. Then, Venus in Virgo brings out your fun and flirty side and you’ll be able to charm the pants off of almost anyone.


With Venus in your sign you are irresistible to anyone and everyone, but that’s nothing new. Venus in Virgo on the 22nd could also find you a little wealthier, so buy a lottery ticket in the last week of July.

“Whether you want a job, a house, a friend, a mate, lead with your strengths.” – Psychic Reed ext. 5105


While Venus is in Leo, you are flirting with visions of love—how to find it and make it last. Let friends introduce you to someone and use some Venus-like charm to strengthen an existing relationship.


Love steps in when you least expect it and sometimes it’s someone you least expect. A close friendship could become more intimate; an existing love could go deeper—make love happen.


Your Venus love forecast is more about your career than love, but that’s okay with you. A pet project just needs a little more TLC—stay with it. With good time management you could have some romantic moments too.


Love can be feisty but that’s the spice of life. Both Venus and Mars give you reasons to grit your teeth, but you detest boredom anyway. Venus in Virgo will be much better for your career, giving you reason to smile.

“Always remember love is an emotion and sex is a physical act. Yes, you can have sex with or without love, and yes, you can have love with or without sex.  For some, this concept is hard to embrace and the lines can become blurred.” – Psychic Deejay ext. 5435


Your Venus love forecast will not see many changes from June, but you are traditionally patient and the status quo is okay for now. Love will arrive and/or deepen soon enough, so try to avoid arguments.


Venus in Leo is influenced by the New Moon in Cancer. Don’t let your emotions get the best of you in any and all of your relationships, personal and professional. Venus in Virgo could mean a promotion.

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So what has work got to do with your love life? Plenty. A busy schedule will take up your time and emotional resources, but don’t forget the word “balance” and leave lots of room for love. An existing relationship transforms.

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