Your New Moon Forecast for July 2013

Replenish the Well During the New Moon

Each New Moon marks a chance to start fresh, but this month’s New Moon in nurturing Cancer on July 8 is particularly potent. Why? The Moon is at home in sensitive Cancer, creating an opportunity to reach an emotional ground zero. The well is empty, and now it’s time to fill it up again.

Here are three ways to maximize this influence!

Speak Your Emotional Truth

If you don’t say what you need, you’ll never get it. And yet, even the most clear-headed and strong-willed people are known to have trouble being honest about how they feel. No more. During this New Moon you can lay your heart open and bear your soul to someone who has earned it. It’s also on opportune moment for becoming more honest in even the most superficial areas of your life.

There’s no need to be harsh or judgmental. In fact, true emotional honesty is anything but. This is all about expressing your deepest feelings, not your opinions. And by doing this and by becoming vulnerable, you’ll find the strength to create the life you truly want, from the inside out.

“Sometimes we don’t even realize that we are our harshest critic and are so accustomed to failing that we create situations in our lives that fulfill that negative trap.” – Psychic Jesse ext. 9027

Learn to Soothe Yourself

We all want to be able to lean on someone. And it’s vital that we can. However, a Cancer New Moon asks us to practice mothering ourselves rather than seeking solace elsewhere. By taking responsibility for your own feelings, you enable yourself to change them. The idea is to stop waiting for someone to save you or accept you. Instead, start accepting yourself, warts and all.

Find out if your feelings are justified or if you’re being overly emotional. Psychic Robin ext. 5492 has the answer. 

Unleash Your Inner Artist

The sign of mothering, Cancer is highly creative. Now is an ideal time to begin an artistic project of some kind, preferably one geared at self-discovery as much as self-expression. Now that you’ve learned to be honest and take responsibility for your own well-being, you’re a new, unfamiliar you. If you learn to explore that new you through creative endeavors, the results will be sure to astound you.

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9 thoughts on “Your New Moon Forecast for July 2013

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  3. Ghulam Mustafa

    Its wonderfull reading the situations being given by you. Just feeling you know what would be the next step we will have to take apart on the flowing path of uneven life. Awesome.

  4. Layla-Marie jahrig

    Thank you! you don’t even know how accurate you are. It is astonashing and mesmerizing as to the Universe and how much it really wants to give and nurish me. This has been the most amazing life changing soul searching time of my life and praise the Lord Jesus and Lord God of the Universe for sending me encouragements hints and direction as well as hope through prophets such as you…he created the heavens and earth and all within it and gave each and every one of our gifts, talents, and abilities for his purpose…such as this. you are Blessed. Thank you for blessing me. I do not have any means of paying you nor a credit card so thank you, for you have given me more than you know as I can build and go around the obsticles and the knowing and confirmation that certain days in advance are extra sensitive on my personal being doesn’t only give me the knowledge and assurance of self but better helps me understand and deal with othersfrom a knowing perspective.
    Sincerely and I hope to here from you again.
    Yours Truly,
    Layla-Marie Jahrig

  5. martha

    I like everything y’all tell me I just wish I had the money to talk one on one with someone there is something I really need to know maybe soon I will find out what I need to know

  6. Diaka Daniels

    Hello, Tajah. My name is Diaka, I just want to let you know every time i come across you’re picture it’s something on the inside telling me i need to speak with you. So the next time i get a reading it will be with you if that’s okay or if your on line thanks in have a blessed day. Diaka

  7. Nancy

    Will I find an apartment that I can afford in under 2 weeks ? …and is everything going to work out for me ? … and did I meet the love of my life ,3 weeks ago ?
    p.s. I’m an Aquarius and he’s a Capricorn


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