Venus in Your Chart

Is your love life more confounding, confusing and frustrating than you’d like? It could be that you are blind to your “love-style” – how you express love and what you require from a partner.

As you know, the planet Venus represents love, infatuation, sex and beauty. In your chart, Venus expresses herself differently depending on where she was in the heavens at the moment of your birth. For example, a Venus in earthy, sensual Taurus will love differently and have very different relationships than a fiery, inconstant Venus in Aries.

Archetypal Astrology theorizes that all the planets symbolically depict different facets of our psyche, and by that light Venus represents the part of you that loves, persuades, beautifies, decorates, creates and harmonizes in every area of your life: emotional, intellectual, physical, sexual, and artistic.

Once you’re aware of how your Venus expresses herself, you can make clearer decisions and have greater control of your love life. Your birth chart reveals the secrets of your impulses, compulsions and tastes by Venus’s sign. It’s very important to choose a partner (if you can) with a compatible Venus sign. A sympathetic placement will make all the difference, and in each description below are recommendations for compatibility. Remember, the fire signs are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius; the earth signs are Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn; the air signs are Gemini, Libra and Aquarius and the water signs are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

Venus in Aries
As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries is hot blooded, impulsive and quick. This is a challenging placement for Venus and you’ll do better when you choose partners with Venus in a fire sign. They’ll understand your rapid changes; relish your hot embraces and fiery kisses. Most importantly, they share your fascination for the new and your utter disinterest in the familiar.

Venus in Taurus
Venus in Taurus is an ideal placement, what you desire in love and the actions you take in love harmonize nicely. You’re a deeply loving, devoted partner and would be wise to choose people who appreciate and understand your depth and seriousness. Generally people with Venus signs in water or earth are going to be your best matches.

Venus in Gemini
This Venus loves being the life of the party and makes everyone feel equally welcome. They shower their love light around for all to enjoy. You adore intellectual stimulation and are quite the practiced (and effective) flirt. All this excitement can make you loathe to settle on any one blossom when life offers a whole garden. Best choices for partners would be those with Venus in air or fire.

Venus in Cancer
The Moon influencing Venus means that this is an emotional, sensitive, intuitive placement that often has love as the focus of their entire emotional life. This makes for great devotion – and great disruptions. Sensitive Cancer can be swept out to sea by their overwhelming emotions, thus great partners are found in the steadier earth signs or in similarly tuned water signs.

Venus in Leo
As a lover you’re magnetic, generous and attract warm interest before you even open your mouth. You can sometimes be a bit of a drama queen, but the show’s usually worth it – so no one minds too much. You attract many partners but once you set your sights on someone, you are a loyal, exquisite lover. Good partners for you will have Venus in the fire and air realms.

Venus in Virgo
This is a bit of a touchy placement: Venus is all heart and Virgo is all in her head. This is a lover who sometimes can’t bear not analyzing every little thing to death, combing through every little moment until they find something they can turn to evidence that maybe you don’t love them as much as you should. That said, this lover is sincere in their affections, driven to do their level best in social, emotional and artistic arenas. Your best match will be another partner with a Venus in Virgo or in an earth sign.

Venus in Libra
Venus finds its favorite placement here, in stylish, charming, balanced and compassionate Libra. Love, diplomacy and partnership come easily here, this is a star-blessed placement. Gracious, lovely and finely socially skilled, this Venus can be impatient with the less skilled. Best matches will be made with partners who have air or fire Venuses, although your versatility can sometimes calm and charm water signs, too.

Venus in Scorpio
The combination of Scorpio and Venus makes you compellingly magnetic and mysterious to others. While you effortlessly intrigue others, finding someone who can match your depth of passion and penetrating mind can be difficult. You are a very experimental lover – even kinky. Hold out for a heavenly match with a partner who has Venus in water or earth.

Venus in Sagittarius
Love is exciting, infatuation is intoxicating, and there is always something to learn from someone new – these may well be your mottos. Your love life is active and you may not have the slightest interest in settling down for quite some time. When someone does catch your fancy for more than a fortnight, it’ll be a partner with Venus in the fire or air signs.

Venus in Capricorn
Dedicated, loyal and responsible, you are looking for someone worth your emotional investment. When you do, you’re steadfast in love. Good matches for your depth of commitment will have Venus in earth or water signs. Air signs will be too flighty.

Venus in Aquarius
Fancy-free and footloose in matters of the heart (and the bedroom!), it takes someone really special to capture your attentions for long. Despite your charmingly attractive detachment you’re a giving and kind lover, perfect for Venus signs in air or fire.

Venus in Pisces
Venus loses its moorings a bit in this placement. When the planet of love is out to sea and awash in emotions, these lovers become guilty of loving too much. Yet all this overflowing, loving energy can be anchored and most fully enjoyed in partnership with a Venus in water or earth signs.

If Venus was retrograde at your birth, you will question cultural relationship values and will need to develop the confidence to insist on what’s right for you. If you seek approval from others, happiness will elude you until you choose to do what feels right, and are acting from a place of deep integrity.

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9 thoughts on “Venus in Your Chart

  1. E.l.z

    I don’t know .. I feel like I don’t know anything But it’s just me I only see me and what’s going on in my life and head Am i special am I supposed to do something what am I supposed to do .. I just don’t know. Yet

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  3. Mamazona

    Libras enjoy having aggvissere partners. We are mostly submissive then aggvissere. We are also perfectionists. If you teach us something we will keep on at it until we are perfect. So how would sex be with a Libra with a Scorpio?It will get better with each session.

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  7. Clotilda D Souza


    I am without job since last 8 months and was facing lot of trials. Please let me know if Venus enteing Libra will help me to sort out all these problems.

    date of birth : 24-09-1963

  8. Rose Cocca

    i understand where you are coming from…never being love..does that mean it will never happen…of course but you are pushing are shy about it….you are a wonderfull man in my books and loving you is my pleasure…THAT THAT CHANCE I TOLD YOU ABOUT..dont let it go might never get it again…

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