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For the last three years or so I have been trying to find my way in spirituality. I have never felt comfortable with traditional Christianity. I think that I have a lot of intuition and I seem to have a strange connection to animals. I have tried to embrace this, but still find it hard to believe that my guides or angels are actually helping me and not trying to thwart me. I have no idea where this feeling comes from, and it is driving me nuts! Maybe it has been due to that which I have always wanted never seeming to come to me.

I use various cards to try to tune into spirit, and they all keep telling me to ask for help – and then accept it, and get out of my own way! Seems like good advice. How do I just let go and do it? I really need their help on a love relationship that I feel is the right one for me.

Thanks to You and My Guides,


Dear Sandy,

Your sense that your Guides and Angels are trying to thwart you must be very troubling, but the information I’ve received from them about it may help you!

A little background first: One belief regarding reincarnation is that we tend to travel with many of the same souls, a sort of Soul Family – meeting them in many lives, and in many different roles, including that of Spirit Guide. Usually you plan the encounters you’ll have with them before you’re born, and those encounters usually mark major turning points in your life.

Sometimes you or a Soul Family member will even agree to appear as an enemy in a particular lifetime, usually to help each other learn an important lesson… and I’m being told that one of your present Guides (who, by the way, has always loved you totally, and who works for your highest good and happiness at every moment) was perceived by you as an enemy the last time you incarnated together. No wonder you feel uneasy!

This Guide’s name is Garibaldi, and my sense is that you saw him as an enemy when you lived during the Italian Renaissance. Garibaldi asks that you find a way to connect with that past life, so that you may get perspective not only about what happened, but why the two of you chose to have that experience. A psychic who specializes in past lives should be able to help you with this. Then you’ll be more at ease with your Guides, and as you’re more at ease with them, you’ll find your life running more smoothly. Garibaldi also tells me that your experience with him relates to the love relationship you’re asking about.

You have several other Spirit Guides, and at least two of them are from the animal kingdom. One is a crested eagle, and the other is a large, spotted cat – perhaps a leopard or a jaguar. Two others I can hear but not see, and they tell me that they’re with you to help you refine and deepen your skill in connecting with other realms, including the kingdom of nature spirits, or Devas. You can connect to one by having the flower called Aster in your environment – and to the other, by carrying a kind of jasper known as bloodstone. Neither Guide will give me a name, but they assure me that you already have the skill needed to receive their messages easily. There are others in your energy field, but they haven’t participated in this discussion.

I can see major breakthroughs happening in your life once you have addressed your lifetime with Garibaldi… very exciting stuff!

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