Venus in Sagittarius

From December 1st – 24th, Venus in Sagittarius casts an optimistic aura over love. If you’ve been bogged down by relationship worries over the past few weeks, this influence will help you lighten up and see love from a greater perspective. It’s also time to connect with your partner on a spiritual level, or seek out someone new who’s in tune with you spiritually.

What’s more, since Sag is the sign of prophesy, it will help you divine your future path if you pay attention to your intuition. So read your Sun and ascendant signs below for some tips on firing up your love life while Venus is in sexy Sag.

Aries: It’s all about adventure as your craving for exploration takes over. A trip for two (or with friends) can bring fulfillment, or perhaps you’ll be exploring some new activities inside the bedroom. Be daring! An exotic ambiance can rev up romance as well. Love can be found during a class, trip or spiritual gathering.

Taurus: Your desire for a steamy connection intensifies now. But first you may need to lighten your emotional load by healing old emotional wounds so the past doesn’t douse the flames. Love needs some freedom as well, but it’s boldness in the bedroom that will bring satisfaction. Let your daring side out to play!

Gemini: As Venus energizes your partnership sector, spending some quality time with your sweetie can bring fulfillment. Venus will also heighten the harmony between you during any relationship stress that arises. If you’re solo, it’s all about true compatibility, so look for romance during activities that you naturally enjoy. A close friend may play matchmaker as well.

Cancer: Venus brings out your zany sense of humor, which makes you a magnet for admirers. Look for romance while at work or during an activity that helps others in need. If you’re paired, working together on a project can bring you closer together. A shared health regimen, like exercising at the gym together, will energize your relationship as well.

Leo: Passion sizzles as your powers of attraction skyrocket! Your natural joie de vivre makes you irresistible, so express yourself with abandon through words, style and creativity. A spontaneous, sexy romp will set passion ablaze as well. If you’re solo, look for romance during a party, film, concert or other entertainment activity.

Virgo: It’s all about bringing your artistry into your abode as Venus blesses your home life. Creating a cozy retreat for two or a stylish ambiance for partying will bring fulfillment. Expressing your appreciation to your family and enjoying activities together can also bring joy. Romance can be found through a family connection or community event.

Libra: Whether you’re flirting, philosophizing or promoting your ideas, your brainpower makes you a magnet for admirers (and other opportunities). It’s all about expressing who you truly are through words, so don’t be shy! If you’re solo, an online connection may bring a romantic interlude, or you may find love while traveling or during a class.

Scorpio: Venus gives you the urge to express your feelings in a concrete way. A heartfelt gift or gesture to a lover, friend and/or family member will bring fulfillment. If you’re attached, discussing finances and beautifying your home can strengthen your relationship. If you’re solo, look for romance while having fun outdoors or during an environmentally-related activity.

Sagittarius: Venus transiting through your sign brings out your charm and heightens your charisma. The desire to express yourself to those you love is strong now, so share what’s in your heart. You’ll attract romance if you’re open to connecting to someone special. This inner fire also heightens your artistry, so get creative in whatever way works for you!

Capricorn: If you’re involved, a serene ambiance for a sexy tryst sets passion ablaze. Reminiscing about the past can bring you close together, too. If you’re solo, look for romance during a spiritual gathering. If love feels illusive, focusing on resolving the past and heeding your intuition will improve your chances of finding a partner.

Aquarius: Socializing brings romance and other opportunities as Venus energizes your sector of friends and groups. Sharing your aspirations while networking will heighten your chances of finding a partner. Or a friend may introduce you to someone special. If you’re paired, group activities, such as working on a community project together, will strengthen your relationship.

Pisces: Venus challenges you to go public with your talents, goals and dreams. Sharing who you are with others will strengthen your chances of finding romance — and career opportunities as well. Love can be found during a career-related activity or through a colleague. If you’re involved, working on a shared goal will bring you closer together.

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